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Tseng/Elena- Some Kinda Innocent- Part 8- Forsaken

Title: Some Kinda Innocent- Part 8- Forsaken
Rating: T
Canon: Advent Children
Theme + Number: 7) Life, 12) White, 34) Joke, 91) Yesterday & 97) Once more
Claim: Tseng/Elena
Characters/Pairings included: Tseng, Elena, Reno, Yuffie
Warnings: Mentions of violence and memories of sex.
Summary: Elena had to admit...
Spoilers: Nope.

Elena had to admit, that for the life of her, she never expected to end up sitting in the inn in Wutai with Yuffie and Reno sipping tea. Actually, she never expected to be anywhere with the ninja and the loudmouthed Turk together, mostly because up until recently she wasn’t even aware that the two got along in any shape way or form. The question that rang in her mind with those two was: what exactly was going on with them? They were together more that she would have ever expected them to be, so was there a friendship going on there, or was it something more? And if it was in fact something more, when did that start? Hadn’t she had a thing for the ex-Turk that she befriended for quite some time now?

Elena, stop thinking about their problems! You’re here for a reason, damn it. Tseng, your boss who you adore and trust is scaring the life out of you and Yuffie may know why, so stop spacing out and get down to business. Be Turk, damn it.

She cleared her throat, turning her tea cup around several times on the table. “Are we ever going to get down to the matter we planned on discussing?”

Yuffie looked briefly over at Reno, the placed the crisp white teacup back on the table, swallowing, then taking a deep breath. “How much do either of you know about Tseng before he joined the Turks?”

Elena glanced at Reno but the redhead merely shrugged. “He doesn’t talk about it. He’s Wutaian. That’s all we really know, yo.”

Yuffie sighed, now twirling her cup around on the table too. “For quite sometime Tseng was not permitted to return to Wutai.”


The young ninja gave Elena a look that made her sit back. There was both anger and hurt trapped in that girl’s eyes, and she couldn’t understand why either of them were residing there. The very idea was scary. “Because he betrayed Wutai by joining the Turks.”

“Now, see here-”

“Elena.” She held up a hand. “I know, but I am telling you why he was banished from Wutai. I was maybe five at the time, he was about nineteen. I stood behind my mother and watched Godo tell him if he left he was never permitted to return to Wutai. He would be cutting all ties with his family, his friends, his home. Tseng…..well, he didn’t even hesitate. He picked up his bag again and left. Godo was furious.”

“Traitor in his mind, huh?”

Yuffie shrugged. “Something like that, Reno.”

“But the temple. Why would the temple make him so upset?”

“That’s where all the higher-ups of Wutai have memorial plaques, in commemoration of them after they have passed on. Tseng’s mother has a plaque there. I can only assume that he was told he had to leave the temple, that he wasn’t welcome there anymore. They probably told him he was sullying a sacred place, or something to the effect. Traitors aren’t very accepted here.”

“So….that’s why everyone was looking at us when we got here?”

“Most likely. Probably never thought he’d have the balls to show up here again.”

“So, what is making him go….”


“Well, yes, for lack of a better term.”

Yuffie shrugged. “Maybe he is realizing what he lost, what he left behind. Maybe its his conscious speaking. Or maybe, just maybe, he was already a little crazy to begin with.”

“You’re joking, right? That was a big joke that wasn’t funny, right?”

The ninja just shook her head. “Apparently when he was younger he was prone to violent outbursts, which was probably part of the reason the Turks scouted him. He could hold all his anger, all his aggression inside of him for an extended period of time and then….WHAM!” She slammed her hand down on the table. “It would just all come bursting forward, violently. The silent anger thing, man. It’s a killer.”

“So, he got violent?”

“Normally not with people, but I suppose there is a first time for everything, right?”

Elena studied the young girl for a while, head tilted to one side. “How do you know so much about Tseng anyway?”

The ninja shrugged again. “Future rulers of Wutai are made to read reports on traitors. I learned more about these people than I ever wanted to know about anyone. That isn’t the point though. The point is, that right now he isn’t completely stable, and he could end up hurting you if you aren’t careful, Elena.”

She hesitated. “Tseng wouldn’t hurt me.”

“Maybe not under normal circumstances, but now? You never know. All I’m saying is to be careful, and watch out for signs that he’s ready to snap, alright? You see any signs, and even small ones, and you back the fuck off. I mean it, Elena. Tseng is very capable of paralyzing you, permanently. Okay?”

Elena nodded slightly. “Alright. Thank you for the advice.”


Even after Yuffie’s warning, Elena wouldn’t help but want to speak to Tseng and make sure he was alright. It was only because she cared so much about him. She wouldn’t have bothered either way, and even though she knew caring about him as much as she did was a foolish, foolish thing to do, somehow she couldn’t help herself. She cared about him more than she ever thought she could have. Damn him for making her love him so blindly.

She found Tseng leaning against a building on the edge of town. The moon cast an eerie glow against his hair. She wondered, briefly, how the hell his hair was so damn shiny, but reprimanded herself for letting her mind wander once more, and for remembering the feel of his hair brushing her thighs-

Elena, shut up already and stop thinking about screwing your boss. Again. Just get over there and talk to him like you planned on doing. Stop stalling and start walking. Move it! Now! Why aren’t your feet moving yet?

It was then that Elena decided that her brain annoyed her, and she would have to find the proverbial mute button for its nagging. Someday, but today was not that day. Now she was going to speak to her boss, right? Wasn’t she? Well, she was, as soon as she could get her feet to start moving again.

“Are you just going to stand there watching me all night, Elena?”

Way to go, Blondie. You stood there for too long and now he knows you’re there and probably thinks you’re nuttier than he is.

She silently ordered her brain to be quiet as she made her way over to him, determined not to be intimidated by him. Yeah, sure. Easier said than done.

She stopped in front of him, watching his face intently, but he wasn’t looking at her. He was looking off into the distance.

“I wanted to…..apologize, sir.”

Tseng’s dark eyes skipped to her and she forced herself not to gasp, not to let her breath hitch. How could he make her stomach knot just by looking at her. Curse damn crushes!


Elena nodded, once, crisply. “For yesterday, sir. I was….out of line, and I wanted to apologize. I should not have pried, and I should not have implied you would keep important information from me. I suppose I was just tired, though that is no excuse, sir.”

He watched her, face neutral for a while, then reached out and brushed some of her hair back, behind her ear. She forced herself not to flinch, not to back away. Him touching her was rather intimidating after all, and a very, very new thing. Damn it, and now her mind was wondering back to his mouth against her flesh again. Why did that have to happen every single time he was around? Was her libido seriously screwed up or what? There was nothing sexual there, or at least not in her mind.

“Apology is accepted, Elena. I would have hoped you would trust me enough to know I would never keep from you anything that would endanger you.”

“I do trust you, sir.”

That damn almost smile again! “Will you ever be able to just use my name when we are not working?”

”I…..I don’t know, sir.”

He almost laughed, she could hear it, short and quick, but it was there, definite amusement. Well, that was a step up from him being angry at her.


“Yes, sir?”

“Come with me.”

“Where are we going, sir?”

“I could use some good hand-to-hand combat. You get to be my sparring partner.”

Elena hesitated as she watched him heading away from town once more, then followed after him. Well, she may end up bruised, but at least he was talking to her again, right?
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