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AVALANCHE- A Moment Of Ease

Title: A Moment Of Ease
Rating: K+
Canon: Original Game
Theme + Number: 12) White, 34) Joke, 56) Ties, 78) Big and 84) Red
Characters Included: Yuffie, Aeris, Cid, Vincent, Tifa, Cloud and mention of Barett
Warnings: Nope
Summary: Everyone was quiet....
Spoilers: Nope, not really.

Yuffie remembers sitting there, cleaning off her weapon as they sat in front of the roaring fire. Everyone was quiet, quietly eating their food, or cleaning their own respective weapons.

From across her Vincent stood out like a bright red flashing sign. Subtle he wasn’t. Deadly? Now that she would give him. Deadly and mysterious.

Cloud hefted that big sword of his off his shoulders, slamming it hard into the ground. He looked angry and sad and frustrated all at once. Maybe he was all of those things, maybe he was fine. With Cloud it was almost impossible to tell.

Cid looked up from his plate, smirking across the fire. “Ya know, they say white’s the color of purity, but they should change it.”

Tifa looked up at him from her spot at the pot of stew she and Barret had made. “What do you mean?”

Cid laughed. “It should be pink.”

“Why’s that?”

“’Cause Aeris is as pure as they come.”

The flower girl blushed, looking down at her staff. The rest of them couldn't help but laugh. True, it was a lame joke, but it was a joke all the same. Cid was trying to kee their spirits up.

Somewhere in the back of Yuffie’s mind she knew that these were rare and few days, where they were all together and happy and joking. She wondered when it would all end and they would be separated.

No, she realized, they would never really be separated. They would be bound together for all eternity, tied together by their journey, their mission, their friendship.

Tags: avalanche, mako_reactor
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