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Okay, since pariswriter82 (aka Heather) asked me to do this, I figured I would.

1) Keyboard or biro?
Keyboard. If I don't do it like that right away, it will never get done.

2) Beta or no beta?
No beta. So my stuff has typos sometimes? Big deal. Point them out nicely and I will fix them.

3) Title?
Dependng on the story, sometimes the title comes easy, sometimes it takes forever. Damn titles. >__>

4) Smushy or smutty?
Smushy. Damn my natural romantic/cute nature! *shakes fist*

5) Summary?
I hate writing summaries. I suck at them. I usually just use a line from the story.

6) Funnies fic?
I don't really write funny. O___o Um......I guess Flee because Reno is being Reno.

7) Most popular fic?
Foolish which was posted on FF.net, AFF.net and HPFF.com. Apparently my D/Hr was liked. O__o

8) Most fun to write?
D/Hr. They are just so mismatched that I love them. They just hurt my brain. O__o

9) Best and worst?
Best? No idea. I don't really like my writing. ^__^;;

Worst? One upon a time when I was first writing fanfiction I wrote a total Sue. And most people liked her. O____o

10) Could have been contendars?
Nope, none.

11) Stengths?
I am crazy; a romantic at heart; I can read/write almost any pairing in my fandom; I am comfortable with blood and guts and violence and murder.

12) Weaknesses?
Comedy. It hates me. T____T

13) Dirty little secrets?
I'll never tell........anyone.
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