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Rude- A Brief Glimpse

Title: A Brief Glimpse
Rating: R
Fandom: FFVII
Claim: Rude
Set/Themes: Set I/Themes: All
Warnings: Lime material and mentions of violence.

1. Love
Love was a fickle thing that could take away any man’s sanity. Her lips against mine turned me into a pile of mush on the ground. What a way to falter.

2. Lust
I always prided myself on being a reasonable, levelheaded man, but one touch of her hand would break that down and I would of being buried deep inside of her.

3. Touch
Her skin was the softest silk, spun and turned and tumbled in rose hue. I couldn’t resist the urge to run my rough hands across it, savor the feel of it.

4. Sight
She was beautiful, but it was so much more than that: she was breathtaking, from her dark hair to her toned body writhing beneath me in the night.

5. Sound
There were times when the sound of Reno’s laughter made me want to smack him upside that dense head of his. The thought became strong when he was drunk.

6. Smell
No matter how many times you are around it, the crisp copper smell of blood and fresh death is one you never get used to. You just deal or quit the job.

7. Taste
I could taste my blood, copper and tangy in my mouth after her fist connected with my jaw. I can’t say I didn’t deserve it, but it didn’t make it taste better.

8. Black
The darkness has been a cloak for years, shielding the things I am ashamed of from the world. I wear the dark of my gloves to shield my fear of touch from her.

9. White
Reno laughs when he sees her in a white dress and says that white is only for the innocent. I ask him if he thinks it’s fair we wear white shirts for work.

10. Fancy
I never liked dressing up for the special ShinRa events, but I found I could handle it with her. It was worth all the trouble to see her so beautiful.

11. Lie
These little lies we tell- not that most people believe them- make the job easier. When the lambs don’t know the wolf is after them, they very rarely run.

12. Quiet
I loved laying there with her in the dead of the night listening to her soft breathing and tiny whimpers cutting through the quiet like a steel knife.

13. New
When I first met Reno he was a straggly kid from the slums and Tseng put me in charge of him, telling me to whip him into shape. Easier said than done.

14. Celebration
She knew I wasn’t much of a dancer, but she insisted I dance with her at least once. This was a wedding after all, and we were supposed to celebrate.

15. Nice
I can’t even count the number of times Elena had begged Reno to be nice and not tease her. I always wanted to ask if she knew that would take a miracle.

16. Here
“Here,” she said, pressing my hand to her stomach.

I felt the flesh move, shift, my eyes widening. She laughed as the little life inside her moved.

17. Gone
They say you never know true loneliness until the one you love is gone. I look beside me and don’t see her in my bed, and I know that’s true. I needed her here.

18. Sunset
We never struck when the sun was up, always after the sun had set, when we could be covered in shadow and night. So the blood didn’t seem so red.

19. Storm
Reno had a nasty habit of going out in storms and getting sick. I was always the one to have to take care of him. Luck for him he was my friend.

20. Ways
There were many ways she showed me she loved me, but none were as special as the little child I held safe and warm in my arms while she slept looking lovely.
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