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Rinoa- Who She Used To Be

Title: Who She Used To Be
Rating: K+
Theme + Number: 91) Self loathing, 14) Old, 20) Blue & 28) Change
Claim: Rinoa
Warnings: A little angsty.
Summary: She looks back at old pictures.

She looks at old pictures of herself in stupid blue dresses they dressed her up in to go to parties and wonders why she bothers pretending she was a happy little girl. She hates who she was then, the quiet little girl who played being the perfect little daughter of an important man. She would smile when they would praise how beautiful he was, tell him how she was lovely and how lucky he was to have a little girl like her.

Now as she sits and watches those old pictures burn he asks her why she would want to destroy her memories. “They aren’t of the same girl,” she tells him.

He wraps his arms around her, kisses his neck and asks what she means.

She tells him that things have changed, that isn’t the same little girl anymore.

He asks if it’s for the better.

She says that in time they will see.
Tags: fated_children, rinoa
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