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Yuffie/Vincent- Purpose

Title: Purpose
Canon: AC
Rating: Light M
Theme + Number: 43) Nerves, 64) Fall, 79) Small, 84) Red & 93) Tiny
Claim: Vincent/Yuffie
Characters/Pairings included: Vincent, Yuffie
Warnings: Mentions of adult content, sap.
Summary: He didn’t know when it happened exactly.

He didn’t know when it happened exactly. No matter how many times he tried to figure it out, he couldn’t figure out when he had fallen for her exactly. He knew he had to have taken that fall at a specific time, but he couldn’t figure out when it was.

It seemed (to him) that one day she was that little girl who got on his nerves, and the next day he was in love with her, holding her close to his body, pressing her close to him, sliding inside of her, bringing small sounds from the back of her throat.

Somehow that girl had gotten under his skin, invaded the darkest corners of his mind, and they were dark, so dark he was afraid they would consume her. He was afraid he would destroy the beauty, the innocence, that glowed from within her, burst through her skin as a guide home.

He stood in the hall, pacing back and forth, not sure if he should leave, not sure if he should stay, not sure of so many things in his pathetic life. His mind was screaming so many different things to him he wasn’t sure what to listen to anymore, what to believe, what to know.

In the end he decided to stay, decided to go to her side, to hold her hand, kiss the back of it, smooth her hair from her face and whisper he loved her in her ear.

Looking down at the tiny red face of the child screaming in her arms, he decided it didn’t matter when had fallen for her, he merely had. He loved her, everything about her, and always would.

He reached out, stroked the cheek of their daughter and knew he had finally found a purpose in his life: to protect them as long as he could.

And he was more than willing to accept that purpose.
Tags: mako_reactor, vincent, vincent/yuffie, yuffie, yuffie/vincent
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