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Irvine/Selphie- Never Tell

Title: Never Tell
Theme + Number: 44) Ink, 52) Longing, 61) Elation, 63) Sunshine & 85) Untidy
Claim: Irvine Kinneas/Selphie Tilmitt
Rating: T
Warnings: None.
Summary: She used to tease him about how much of a mess he kept his room...

She used to tease him about how much of a mess he kept his room while her pen inked down the secret desire she had to kiss his mouth. She would smirk and laugh and jump around in her seat telling him he was the biggest slob she had ever seen.

He would smile at her, wink, tug his hat lower on his head to obscure his beautiful face.

She supposed she couldn’t call him beautiful. She doubted he would appreciate it, but she thought he was, and damn it, her opinion mattered.

He would reach over, scruff up her hair, make this warm feeling grow inside her chest, start breathing like a living creature. This elation kept her coming back to sit barefoot in his room, writing in her journal about him without his knowledge, jotting down her secret desire in pretty words and stupid dreams.

The only time she ever managed to fall asleep in his room (though she had come dangerously close the entire time) he had lifted her up and put her in the bed, tucking the sheets around her and occupied the chair himself, insisting she have the bed. Had to be a gentleman didn’t he?

When he woke her up the next morning, watching her face in the early orange sunshine, he was marveled by her beauty, pressed his lips to hers.

She would never tell him she was already awake when he did that.

He would never tell her he already knew.
Tags: fated_children, irvine, irvine/selphie, selphie, selphie/irvine
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