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Gippal/Rikku- Foolish

Title: Foolish
Setting: Post FFX-2
Theme + Number: 4) Whisper, 8) Stay awake, 15) Fake, 28) Unlucky in love & 98) Calm
Pairing/Character/General Relationship: Gippal/Rikku
Rating: T
Warnings: Nope.
Summary: She thinks back to the nights...

She thinks back to the nights when she would lie awake and listen to the sound of his gentle whispers in her ear. He would whisper words of love, whisper words of encouragement, whisper to chase away the fears that threatened to eat her alive.

She would bask in the fake calm of their love making, cling desperately to him, afraid to let him go, afraid to let him stay. Afraid of so many things.

He once told her they wouldn’t last. “Life is too fucked up. People who love each other? Come on, Rikku. They never stay together.”

She clung to him, desperate to prove him wrong, afraid that he was right.

Now she lies empty, now she lies cold, now she knows how foolish and unlucky they were. That she was childish to ever think ‘I love you’ meant ‘forever’.
Tags: gippal, gippal/rikku, pyre_flies, rikku

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