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Gippal/Rikku- Yearn

Title: Yearn
Setting: FFX-2
Theme + Number: 11) Sky, 29) Thief, 31) Games, 38) Scared (silly) & 42) Payback
Pairing/Character/General Relationship: Gippal/Rikku
Rating: T
Warnings: Kinda angsty.
Summary: Now she lie frozen...

She laughed, jumping on his back. This had become their tradition, this had become their comfort. They clung to each other like lifelines and swore never to let go.

Now she lie frozen, now she lie spent, now she looked over at him, but he never looked at her, never looked at her.

She waited there for the sky to swallow her up- this stupid little thief who was content with playing games with her heart, watching it shred to tiny little pieces. But no one would help her put it back together. No one.

She tells herself he’s just scared to love her, scared to care, scared to wake up every morning and see her laying there next to him, her face shadowed.

He says this is payback for all the times they fought when they should have loved, hit when they should have hugged.

Their destiny was to be apart.

Their destiny was to yearn.
Tags: gippal, gippal/rikku, pyre_flies, rikku

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