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Gippal/Rikku- Desperately

Title: Desperately
Setting: Post FFX-2
Theme + Number: 56) Loyalty, 57) Naked, 62) Dirty Hands, 86) Dignity & 87) (Bad) temper
Pairing/Character/General Relationship: Gippal/Rikku
Warnings: None that I can think of.
Summary: He spoke to her of loyalty.

He speaks to her of loyalty as they lie naked and spent on the cold floor. He tells her that they are going against their leader. She tells him she doesn’t care. She wants to wrap him up with her, keep him pinned to her side.

He tells her there is no worthiness living inside his sunken flesh. He will mar her with his dirty hands, strip away all that is good inside of her, break her.

She tells him he is foolish, that she was never innocent, never pure. How can he mar someone such as her?

He tells her he will hurt her, strip away the dignity she possesses.

She tells him that she has no dignity at all.

He tells her that this is foolish, that all they will end up with in the end is her father’s wrath.

She kisses him softly, kisses him blindly, kisses him to still his mouth. “Then we’ll have his wrath,” she tells him. “And we’ll have his temper and his anger and his cruelty. We’ll have it all, and we’ll have it together.”

He wishes he could turn away from those words, be stronger, protect them both, but he’s too lost in her words, and he wants to believe them desperately.
Tags: gippal, gippal/rikku, pyre_flies, rikku

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