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Gippal/Rikku- Aren't You Glad?

Title: Aren't You Glad?
Setting: FFX-2
Theme + Number: 23) Fish, 25) Lies/Stories & 35) Marked
Pairing/Character/General Relationship: Gippal/Rikku
Rating: T
Warnings: Rikku's POV, kinda poetic and angsty.
Summary: You left it all for a lie of your own.

If time were an ocean I would swim back to when you and I were together. If time could be altered I would shift it so I was still by your side. You see it, you want it and its gone before you blink your eyes.

You take what you can and give back nothing in return and that is life my darling, and you left this lie we built for ourselves behind to draw a lie just for yourself. How cruel.

How could you make me fall in love with you, my elusive darling? You are my heartache, you take from me all that I am inside. I am marked by your burning gaze, drowned by your smooth touches. I wish I could grow gills so I wouldn’t drown in the ocean of our sinful unions.

I know you love me too, so why do we fight this fate? You can’t say what you want, and you take what they throw at you. Your life needs something special, but you’re too afraid to find it, too afraid to agree, too afraid of so many things.

This lie was beautiful, darling. We were warm and safe in each other’s arms, but it wasn’t enough, never enough.

So here I am baby, with open arms, bidding you goodbye.

Aren’t you glad, baby?

Aren’t you glad?
Tags: gippal, gippal/rikku, pyre_flies, rikku

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