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Yuffie/Vincent- Reception

Title: Reception
Rating: Hard R
Author/Artist: butterflys_fics
Character/Pairing: Yuffie/Vincent
Disclaimer: I do not own FFVII or its characters.
Prompt Table: #2
Prompt: 002. Champagne
Warnings: Lime materials, a little bit descriptive, but not bad.
Word Count: 622

He never developed the taste for champagne in all his years on the earth. Still, she had insisted that he at least pretend to enjoy it. This was their friend’s wedding after all, and if he didn’t at least try to have fun he would have been in big trouble, and being in trouble with her? Well, that was the last thing he needed. She did, after all, know how to make his life a living hell when she was angry. He had learned that out the hard way.

She sat across from him sipping at that damn goldish liquid, frowning at him. “Come on, Vinnie. At least look happy.”

He blinked at her, expression never changing. How did happy look on him exactly? He wasn’t even sure he knew. Besides, he wasn’t happy, not exactly. Sure, he was glad Tifa was happy. He really was. What kind of a friend would he be if he wasn’t? But honestly, he wasn’t happy. He rarely was.

“Vinnie. Come on.”

He blinked at her again, then looked down at his own drink with a sigh. She was most likely just going to make some comment about ‘when they got home he would be in so much trouble’ or something along those lines. Instead, she stood up, sliding the chair back under the table. “Come on.”

He watched her, blinked, but stood and followed her down the hall. She grabbed his hand and tugged him into a nearby closet, pressing her lips against his, firm, insistent. He startled, blinked, then kissed her back. She almost never was aggressive or took charge of things, so it always surprised him, but besides that, they were in the closet at the building their friend was having her wedding reception at.

He blinked at her, pulling his mouth away from hers. “What are you doing?”

“Cheering you up,” she told him quietly, small hands undoing the closure of his pants.


“Vinne, you’re been eyeing me all night. I know you want it.”

Alright, he wouldn’t deny he had been watching her all night. She just looked so damn appealing in that mint green dress. It was short, just below mid-thigh, and showed off her toned legs, and the neckline was pretty dropping. She looked damn appealing. “Yuffie, we are in a closet.”

“I know.”

“At a reception.”

“I know.”

“For your best friend’s wedding.”

“I know.” She pushed his pants down and pulled her with him as she backed up against the wall. “And frankly, I don’t care.”

Her lips met his again took his hands and slid them under her dress to shove her underwear to the ground. She kicked them away slightly and wrapped one leg around his waist, breathing against his mouth. “Just fuck me, Vinnie.”

He growled, kissing her again and pressing her harshly against the wall, lifting her up slightly and sliding into her in one quick motion. She gasped, arched her head back against the wall, wrapping her other leg around his waist, his lips warm on her neck.

She bit her lip to keep from making noises and letting people know they were there as he moved inside of her, filled her with a warmth only he could.

And when she came she kissed him hard to drown out the sound of her screaming his name as he peaked as well.

They stayed like that for a while until she felt like she could stand again, then they separated, her pulling her underwear back on, him putting his pants back into place.

They walked quietly back into the reception holding hands as if nothing happened, then she smiled, tugging his hand. “Oh, look, Vinnie! Tifa and Rude are cutting the cake!”
Tags: 25_foods, vincent, vincent/yuffie, yuffie, yuffie/vincent
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