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Rinoa- Masquerade

Title: Masquerade
Theme + Number: 24) Deception, 25) Sin, 29) Cradle, 33) Smile and 35) Masks
Claim: Rinoa
Rating: K+
Warnings: Kind depressing?
Summary: We all pretend.

We all wear our masks.

I remember when you asked me what I meant like that and I just smiled, cradling you to my side. “We all put on different faces. We pretend to be someone we aren’t, hide certain parts of ourselves from the real world so we are more accepted, loved. No one ever shows their true selves, not completely us. We are good at pretending parts of us don’t exist, or creating parts of us that don’t. Human nature is to hide our flaws and create things within ourselves that we know others want to see.”

You asked me once if people can use a mask to hide their sins. I told you is was possible: humans can hide just about anything if they want to. They are manipulative like that. It’s a subtle type of deception: letting people see what they want to, often times protecting them from the darkness.

You ran your fingers through my hair, asked me if I ever hid behind masks.

I told you I did.

You asked me what mask I put on.

I smiled and told you, “Maybe one day you’ll figure it out. Maybe."
Tags: fated_children, rinoa
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