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Yuffie/Vincent- Death Grip

Title: Death Grip
Fandom: FFVII
Pairing: Vincent Valentine/Yuffie Kisaragi
Rating: R
Warnings: Light smut
Theme Set/Theme: Theme Set I: #15- Button

He always knew just how to push her buttons. He could make her angry with a single glance, a single word, or lack of words. She would always complain about how cold and heartless he was: that whatever had brought him back from the cold embrace of death had kept his heart in a vice grip just to torture all those he cared about.

He always knew hot to make her scream out his name, thrusting deep inside of her, kissing her, touching her, bringing her to the edge of oblivion with firm hands and strong muscles, leaving her gasping for breath in the dead of the night.
Tags: centi_porn, vincent, vincent/yuffie, yuffie, yuffie/vincent
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