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Tseng/Rufus/Elena- Blended

Title: Blended
Rating: M
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Claim: Tseng/Rufus/Elena
Prompt + Number: 3) Touch
Warnings: Slightly sexual stuff.
Summary: Each one had a different approach.

It amazed her sometimes how different their touches were. Tseng was sweet and caring, exploring the planes of her body with skillful hands and warm glances to let her know that he cared for her.

Rufus was more calculated and cool, hiding any and all emotions behind his cold blue eyes; a hidden chasm she had to explore to find any sign of true caring.

Her touch was innocent and simple; she sometimes seemed too innocent to be living the way they were.

Somehow though their touches blended together and laying with them at night she would find herself gasping for air, breathing out their names to every deity she could think of.
Tags: elena, ot3_100, rufus, rufus shinra, tseng, tseng/rufus/elena
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