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Tseng/Rufus/Elena- Feral

Title: Feral
Rating: T
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Claim: Tseng/Rufus Shinra/Elena
Prompt + Number: 1) Kiss
Warnings: Nope.
Summary: They were different.

The first time he had kissed her it had been sweet and short and quick, like he was afraid to let her feel the pressure from his lips. She thought about how different that kiss was from the ones he placed on their boss’s mouth, how much less firm and feral they were.

She found out it was their boss who kissed hash, bruising. Their kiss was all teeth and pain and a power struggle, his hands fisting her suit into a mess just to prove he could because he was her boss and she couldn’t object. Not that she would.
Tags: elena, ot3_100, rufus, rufus shinra, tseng, tseng/rufus/elena
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