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Tseng/Elena- 1sentence

Fandom: Final Fantasy Seven
Pairing: TsengxElena
Theme set: Alpha
Rating: Hard R

#6- Rain
It was raining the first time he told her he cared for her as more than a partner; it was also the last mission they were on that she could look him in the eye.

#13- Death
When he was attacked by Sephiroth and she was sure he was going to die, she couldn't stop herself from shaking, and couldn't help but wish she had the courage to tell him how she really felt about him.

#20- Freedom
Back before he was a Turk, when he was a little boy, he was told if you love someone you set them free, but his love for her was too strong, and he knew if he let her go he would never see her by his side again.

#27- Blood
While they lie on the cold ground reeling from the torture Kadaj and his gang inflicted upon them he reached over and grasped her blood covered hand in his own, knowing if he died he was happy to die there with her close to him.

#34- Lightning/Thunder
It surprised Tseng when he found out she was afraid of thunder, so when she stood by the window shaking at the sound he found himself going over to her and wrapping his arms around her to calm her down.

#41- Completion
I never felt more complete than when I would be by his side; I was even content in just sitting beside him, even if we would be nothing more than co-workers.

#48- Waves
Tseng asked her once why she loved the ocean as much as she did, and she told him that it was because the waves took everything away and changed it before the water would return; he would never look at the ocean the same again.

#4- Pain
While he lay listening to the sound of her being tortured he felt like his heart being torn apart; the pain in her voice, the sound of her screams, were enough to make him feel as though he were in the room with her feeling every second of her pain too.

#11- Name
Elena found it embarrassing to know that she used to whisper Tseng's name while she was asleep; she couldn't look at Rude for days after he told her that.

#18- Speed
He couldn't believe how fast he could get to her after knowing she was hurt; he felt as though his heart was ripping in two as he hurried to her side.

#26- Forever
She asked him once how long he thought they would know each other; he told her they would know each other forever if he had any say in the matter.

#33- Fear
When he was a child he was afraid of fire and what it could do; now he was content to sit in front of it with her and savor in its warmth.

#40- Innocence
Elena told him once that it felt like she lost her innocence when she fell in love with him; he told her he wasn't sure he ever had innocence to lose.

#47- Moon
It seemed that the night only made her miss him when he was away all the more; she would look up at the sky and wonder if he was looking at the moon too from wherever he was.

#5- Potatoes
He was surprised to find out she didn't like potatoes; she would tell him later though that they reminded her of her mother and caused too much pain.

#15- Touch
The feeling of his hands running down her sides, up her thighs, was one that made her head spin; she found catching her breath the hardest thing to do, watching him through hooded eyes.

#24- Taste
The first time he ever tasted a peach was sitting with her in her apartment, discussing their newest mission; he savored the taste of the fruit as she put it in his mouth, juice running down her fingers and pooling in her palm.

#36- Market
They would meet in the market in secret, each one hiding from the other, meeting in the alley to steal secret kisses; they would pass each other in the streets, their fingers meeting as they passed, savoring every stolen moment.

#45- Hell
"Do you believe in hell?" he once asked her, but she told him she didn't; he knew she was wrong however, that there was a hell and he would end up there sooner or later, leaving behind her forgiving kisses.

#3- Soft
She loved the feeling of his hair between her fingers; it was like feeling a cloud floating through her fingers, the softest feeling she had ever known.

#17- Tears
He had never cried in his life, but sitting there, watching her struggle to try to live he felt the warmth of tears running down his cheeks.

#30- Star
He painted stars on her ceiling in bright silver paint, constellations and imaginary galaxies sprawled across the dark of her room; he told her from then on even if she was inside, when they were apart that if she looked up at them he would be there by her side, holding her hand and kissing her soundly, even when he was a million miles away.

#42- Clouds
They painted clouds on the pale blue walls, flowers around the floor; she watched him sit amongst the beautiful scenery, their child cradled in his arms, tears running down her face knowing it couldn't last.

#1- Comfort
Reno let her cry on his shoulder while she sat in the hospital, the thought of Tseng down the hall on the verge of death too much for her to handle; her friend held her to his side, trying to be the comfort he knew she needed but knowing in truth their was nothing that he could do.

#14- Sex
When they made love it was like seeing each other for the first time; the would discovery knew continents on each other's bodies, savoring the taste of each other's lips, the touch of each other's flesh and the sound of each other's voices.

#29- Melody
He stood in the doorway watching her play the piano, her pale delicate fingers stroking the keys lovingly, imagining them running down his arm.

#43- Sky
She used to believe her choices in life were limited, that she was stuck doing what she was doing for the rest of her life, living alone; then he surprised her, he loved her and she knew that her options were as limitless as the sky.

#7- Chocolate
He loved to watch her eat chocolate; she would hold it between her fingers until it was melted then lick it off of her fingers, laughing while her eyes shinned.

#21- Life
He never had a life before, never was his own person, couldn't even breathe without permission; lying next to her in bed, their child sleeping soundly between them he knew would fight to make a life with them, one that was his own.

#37- Technology
His life once revolved around technology, furthering Shinra's hold on the world; now it revolved around her and making her happy every chance he got.

#2- Kiss
Her kiss could always make his head spin, the feeling of her fingers tugging at his hair, her nose pressed against his cheek, he would have to press his forehead against hers breathing heavily when their lips would part.

#22- Jealousy
I had always envied Cloud's life, how even when he didn't seem to realize it that he had the person who he cared about the most in the world next to him while I had to watch Elena from afar.

#39- Smile
The most beautiful thing about her was her smile; her cheek would dimple sweetly and her eyes would shine so I simply couldn't look away.

#9- Telephone
She was so mad at him she took everything she could get a hold of, including her phone, and tossed it across the room at him, smashing everything into tiny little pieces like he had her heart.

#31- Home
It wasn't much, a small little place really, but they called it home; when he would walk inside and find her sitting on the couch, their child sleeping not too far away he knew there was no place in the world he would rather be.

#50- Supernova
Her smile was beautiful, her world his whole world, her life the most precious thing to him and when it faded out in one bright light he knew his life was over as well.

#23- Hands
Her hands were special, small fragile things that would hold his larger ones in the dark, would run through his hair while they slept at night; he would take them in his, kiss each finger softly and hold them close to him, pressing them to the beating of his heart.

#49- Hair
She loved the color of his hair; it was a dark color, shinning blue in the light, his shadow to his beautifully pale face.

#28- Sickness
She could watch it growing inside of him, like a sickness rising, the ruthless nature of a cold-blooded killer; she would watch him return, his blue suit stained red and wonder what had happened to the man she once loved.

#10- Ears
He would watch them shine, the beautiful gift he had given her for her birthday; they were the shinning light in her ears that reminded him that she was as much his as he was hers.

#44- Heaven
She never believed in heaven, thought if there was one that she would never go there despite him insisting she would; she wondered, if it was real, would she see him there when the time came.

#32- Confusion
She always wondered how he knew she had feelings for him, it wasn't as though she came out and said it to his face; he would never tell her however every time she asked him, her eyes muddled with confusion, he would only smile and kiss her soundly.

#16- Weakness
Tseng laughed quietly to himself, thinking that if their enemies ever knew her greatest weakness was being tickled they would be on the floor rolling with laughter.

#12- Sensual
Nothing turned her on more than sitting in the bathtub, the lights out, candles around them with Tseng behind her, her back against his chest; he would hold her close to him, her chest buried deeply in the water, running his hands up her thighs.

#19- Wind
He came into her life like the wind, scattering her sanity all over the room, making her forget all that she had leaned; he kept her there by being a tiger, prowling around her in the room, pouncing on her, dragging her to the floor, his teeth at her neck.

#46- Sun
When he would be gone for days at a time she would stand at the top of the tallest building, her face tilted up to the sky; the warmth of the sun on her face and her skin made her feel like his arms were wrapped around her, his voice in her ear.

#25- Devotion
"Would you ever leave her or ever hurt her intentionally?" Reno had asked him once while they sat in his office; Tseng couldn't stand the way it felt to imagine her in tears, and he was more devoted to her than he had been to anything in his life, so he smiled slightly at Reno, tilted his head to one side and whispered, "Never."

#8- Happiness
If he could choose to do one thing for the rest of his life it would be to insure that he kept her smile on her face and kept her in the state of happiness she was in when she was with him, for Elena had become his whole life and when she was sad he felt himself dying inside.

#38- Gift
She opened the wrapping carefully, almost afraid to see what was inside; he had been afraid she would hate her birthday gift, but when he saw the smile on her face and felt her arms wrap around his arms neck he knew she had liked it.

#35- Bonds
There was an invisible string that held them together, tethered her to his side; they knew no one could break that bond, and nothing could but death.

#27- Blood
I held her close, cradled her to my side, watched her smile through her pain as her blood rushed through my fingers, desperately trying to patch up the wound; later when she was gone Reno would sit next to me, tell me how sorry he was and tell me if I needed anything he would be there for me, but he couldn't give me the only thing I needed, because she was gone and nothing could bring her back.
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