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Bella/Edward- Slip Away

Title: Slip Away
Fandom: Twilight
Characters: Isabella "Bella" Swan/Edward Cullen
Table/Prompt: Table #3- #14. Die
Word Count: 228
Rating: PG

The hardest thing in the world is knowing that you will have to watch the one you love die. Edward sat across the cafeteria watching Bella with empty topaz eyes knowing that he would one day have to watch her die. It was his curse that awoke from the ‘blessing’ of eternal life.

He wondered how he had let himself fall for her in the first place when he knew that death would only follow. To love a mortal was like stabbing yourself in the heart: it might not kill you but it sure felt like you were dying slowly on the inside. She was his light and she was his cure for loneliness and one day she would die, just like all other mortals he had ever known.

She was beautiful now- at least in his eyes- and he knew he would have to watch her age, watch her move on with her life and become something he would never be: an adult with a family and a career and a purpose in life.

He knows one day he will sit by her bedside while he watches her life slip away from her, watch her take her last breath, and despite all this he can’t help but love her. She is light and pure and he will cling onto his sinful love until its very last thread.
Tags: bella, bella swan, bella/edward, cullen/swan, edward, edward cullen, edward/bella, edward/isabella, isabella, isabella swan, isabella/edward
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