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Bella/Edward- Breathless

Title: Breathless
Fandom: Twilight
Characters: Isabella "Bella" Swan/Edward Cullen
Table/Prompt: Table #3- #5. Kiss
Word Count: 215
Rating: PG

Every time he leaned in close to her Bella would hold her breath and silently beg for a kiss. Her very being screamed for it, and yet she knew he was hesitant to give her that one small pleasure. How could he not be? Her reaction was instantaneous and violent. She would grab onto him and press herself closer to his sweet mouth.

She knew she shouldn’t, but somehow she couldn’t help herself. She was in love with him with every fiber of her being, but she knew she should have more strength of will. Every time she lost control of herself she made it that much harder for him to control his true nature.

He desperately wanted to stop himself from hurting her, but his nature screamed for him to drain her blood, love be damned, so he distanced himself from her the best he could, tried to keep her safe, tried to keep the monster within him at bay.

But there were times when he just couldn’t help himself and he had to kiss her and it was those times that Bella lost all thought and all the existed was them.

Then he was no monster: he was just the boy she loved kissing her senseless with a light touch of the lips.
Tags: bella, bella swan, bella/edward, cullen/swan, edward, edward cullen, edward/bella, edward/isabella, isabella, isabella swan, isabella/edward
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