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Rinoa- Fingers

Title: Fingers
Theme + Number: 52) Longing & 67) Mirror
Claim: Rinoa
Rating: Hard M
Word Count: 232
Warnings: Sexual content, nothing explicit
Summary: She couldn't deny him, but she couldn't comply

He makes me stand in front of the mirror watching him watching me. I feel so pale and weak and fragile standing with my naked body in front of his. He is strong and he is special and I am a weak girl who can’t seem to find my way in the world.

His lips press against my neck and my eyes close against the feeling.

“Don’t close your eyes, Rinoa. I want to see your eyes.”

I didn’t want to do what he asked. I wanted to hide these feelings inside of me, wanted to pretend they didn’t exist. It was so much easier to pretend I wasn’t really feeling anything if my eyes were closed.

But I could never deny him.

So I opened my eyes, gazed at him through the mirror, met his smiling eyes. His lips touched my neck again, his hand slid down my stomach, he slid a finger inside of me and I arched my head back against him, closed my eyes, breathed his name.

He reminded me to keep my eyes open, reminded me he wanted to see me, but I couldn’t keep complying. Every time I tried he sent another feeling through me so strong that it made my entire body ache and shudder and I couldn’t help but squirm under the intense feeling of longing I saw directed at me through his eyes.
Tags: fated_children, rinoa
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