butterflys_fics (butterflys_fics) wrote,

Rikku/Gippal- Simple Friends

Title: Simply Friends
Setting: Post FFX-2
Theme + Number: 1) First, 3) Scream(ing)(s), 22)(with) benefits, 26) intoxication
Pairing: Rikku/Gippal
Rating: Soft M
Warnings: Sexual content but nothing explicit.

The first time they had been together it was quick and clumsy, all teeth and harshness. True, they were drunk at the time, and their judgment wasn’t very good, and neither were their motor skills. Not that they could say they had expected their encounter to be any less. All other encounters before had been with strangers, wordless, nameless trysts used as comfort in an uncertain world. But this was different. They were friends, they had known each other for years.

Now friends with benefits.

So as she lay there breathing out his name, his fingers working her, her lips warm against the skin on his neck they silently decided this would be a one time thing. They would take comfort in each other and then be done with it. This was no declaration of love, no start of a meaningful relationship. This was clinging at comfort, grasping at straws.

So when his head vanished between her legs and his tongue flickered around inside of her she felt no shame in screaming his name to the heavens, no shame in grabbing onto his hair and tugging, no shame in shaking beneath his sinful kiss.

As he moved inside of her at a new quick, yet somehow familiar pace, and her hips arched into his, and she screamed out his name into the dark night she knew he would never hurt her. She knew he wouldn’t treat her like a piece of trash the next day because they were friends, and that wasn’t what friends did. She knew the scratches on his back and the bite mark on his shoulder would remind him of such.

So when he stood there and pretended like they weren’t friends her heart broke.

He had hurt her like he promised not to.

So she wanted to hurt him too.
Tags: gippal, gippal/rikku, pyre_flies, rikku, rikku/gippal
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