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Yuffie/Vincent- Celebrate

Title: Celebrate
Author: butterflys_fics
Disclaimer: I do not own FFVII or it's characters
Pairing: Vincent Valentine/Yuffie Kisaragi
Theme: J is for jubilee
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 665

He wasn’t much for celebrations. She knew that right from the start. Try and try as she might she couldn’t figure it out but she had come to accept it as him just being him. He was Vincent, he was dark and quiet and secretive and she took that into consideration every time she planned something, but there were times- like this one- that she refused to just sit back and let him brood. He could do that any other time, but this was a happy time and he would damn well celebrate it even if she had to drug him to get him to do so.

He complained the whole time of course, not that she expected any less from him. He was Vincent after all and for him not to complain about things she asked him to do would be like…like….well, like Cloud not being a blond! It just wasn’t something that existed in the world. He had to complain to survive- or so it seemed to her and the rest of their friends at least. Not that any of them would ever tell him that for fear of receiving the “Vincent Death Glare from Hell” as she so lovingly dubbed it. Yeah, it was better just to let him mope and brood and complain and then just wave it off as Vincent being Vincent without taking it too seriously or too personal. With Vincent it was rarely personal and usually just another one of his weird quirks of personal problems. You got used to them after a while.

She sighed stomping her foot impatiently. He had been hiding in the corner for nearly an hour refusing to come out and speak to anybody and despite her small size the heat of her anger was almost enough to make him flinch. Almost. He was Vincent after all, and the glare of one- extremely younger- girl was not about to make him flinch. Chaos would never let him live if down if he did and eternity having the demon mocking him inside his own head was not something he looked forward to. Yep, that he could live without.

She stomped her foot again, harder this time. “Vinnie! Come on! You are not staying in the corner all night! Get your butt over here and be happy for our friend!”

His crimson eyes skimmed the crowd. In truth he was happy for Tifa- though he would never openly admit it. He would have rather she choose someone less…well, someone different to marry, but he supposed the heart wanted what it wanted. Who was he of all people to make a derogatory comment about the man she had chosen to marry? Sure, he was their enemy when they were tracking down Sephiroth. Sure, he was a Turk. Sure, he- like Vincent so many years before- had been a hired killer in the name of a corrupt company who didn’t give a damn about the rest of the world, but if she loved him he wasn’t about to say anything to upset her. This was her special day after all. No, wait, their special day, because Yuffie would have killed him if he forgot to put Rude into that little equation. After all, he was now the husband of Yuffie’s best friend, oddly enough.

“Vinnie, are you listening to me?”

The honest answer would have been ‘no’ but the smart answer was ‘yes’, so he nodded slightly and continued to let her babble on and on about how it was rude of him to hide in the corner at their friend’s wedding and how much trouble he would be in once they got home.

He sighed as he reached out and grabbed her hand. “Very well Yuffie. If it will make you happy I will celebrate their wedding with a dance. But only one. Agreed?”

She smiled at him, twined her fingers with his and let him out of the corner and onto the dance floor. “Agreed.”
Tags: alphabetasoup, vincent, vincent/yuffie, yuffie, yuffie/vincent
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