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Yazoo Drabble

Title: A Tense Moment Of Unrest
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Characters:Yazoo, Kadaj and mention of Loz (claim is Yazoo)
Prompt: #74- Dark
Word Count: 312
Rating: R (to be safe)
Author's Notes: References to yaoi and incest.

#74- Dark
Kadaj was afraid of the dark. No, he didn't tell me. I just knew. When he would lie between Loz and I with his hand grasping my hair firmly as the night went on and as it got darker he would grasp harder and shimmy closer to me. When the light would come peeking into the room he would shimmy away, his hand falling away from my hair.

One time Loz and Kadaj got into a huge fight, Kadaj freaking out over something Loz had said. He hit Loz so hard that he flew back into the wall, his head and the hard stone connecting with a sharp crack. He dropped to the floor, eyes crossing, leaving a bloody streak behind him, got up and ran off into the night, Kadaj screaming after him that he was weak and useless.

Later that night while Kadaj lay clutching my hair with his hands he couldn't fall asleep. I could feel him moving over and over again as he lay next to me. I tried to ignore his movements, keeping my eyes closed. He tugged my hair hard, yanking my head close to his face. My eyes sprung open, meeting Kadaj's bright eyes. His face buried into my hair, his breath warm against my neck. "I...I miss Loz, Yazoo. I think I hurt him."

"He'll be back," I whispered, my hand pressed to the back of his head. "He'll be back."

Kadaj's tongue flicked out against my neck, a quick wetness that made me shudder. I took a breath, held it. "Kadaj-"

"I need you to be my comfort, Yazoo. I need you."

I didn't say anything. I didn't need to. Kadaj just pulled his face away from my neck, his lips meeting mine.

I closed my eyes, let Kadaj use me as his comfort in the dark and waited for Loz to return.
Tags: ac, advent children, drabble, ff, ff7, ffvii, final fantasy, yazoo
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