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Yuffie/Vincent- She Said I Was A Fool

Title: She Said I Was A Fool
Fandom: FFVII
Claim: Vinncent Valentine/Yuffie Kisaragi
Characters: Vinncent Valentine/Yuffie Kisaragi
Prompt: #81- Blind
Word Count: 117
Rating: PG

#81- Blind
She said I was a fool for never having seen what she felt for me. Perhaps I was, but in my defense I couldn’t help but be blind to her and her feelings. I had spent years ignoring human emotions in general, so the idea of seeing hers was foreign to me.

How was I to know that she cared for me that deeply? Her clues, to others at least, weren’t subtle, but I frankly couldn’t see them for the life of me. To me she was my friend, she was my companion, she was someone to help fight off the demons, hold them at bay.

She knew I was a monster.

And she loved me anyway.
Tags: drabbles100, vincent, vincent/yuffie, yuffie, yuffie/vincent
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