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Tseng/Rufus/Elena- Recover

Title: Recover
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: FFVII
Claim: Tseng/Rufus Shinra/Elena
Theme set/Theme: Set I: #1 Passionate
Word count: 216
Warnings: Mentions of sex
Summary: There is more than one thing to care about strongly.

They always say passion is dead. She knew they were wrong. Unconventional as they may have been there was a lot of passion in their relationship: the marks they each wore from each other could tell anyone that. But as passionate as they were about their lovemaking was how passionate as they were about each other in daily things.

Elena remembered the third- and final- time Tseng almost died on a job. She and Rufus sat in his room while he lay unconscious for days just watching him breathe. Every once and a while they would kiss his pale lips, push his hair from his face. They would curl up together in the chair and sleep by his bedside, Rufus’s arms around her pale body keeping her safe and warm.

They would have secret embraces down the hall in a closet, quick encounters to take their minds off of the fact that he wasn’t there. She would bite her lip so she wouldn’t make a sound, would close her eyes as he slid into her, around her, slammed her body into the wall with his quick thrusts and then soothed her with his sinful kisses before they would straighten themselves out and go sit by Tseng’s bedside again just waiting for him to open his eyes.
Tags: elena, ff_threesomes, rufus, rufus shinra, tseng, tseng/rufus/elena
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