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Tseng/Rufus/Elena- Beautiful Rainbow

Title: Beautiful Rainbow
Rating: MA (to be safe)
Fandom: FFVII
Claim: Tseng/Rufus Shinra/Elena
Theme set/Theme: Set I: #5- Variation
Word count: 449
Warnings: Sex and other smutty stuff
Summary: Routine became her comfort.

They had a normal routine: Tseng behind her, Rufus in front of her. It was comfort, it was familiar. They enjoyed the feeling of her pale, flushed skin pressed between them. Her skin was so much lighter than Tseng’s, darker than Rufus’s. They looked like some kind of a kinky rainbow with Rufus’s mouth on her breast, Tseng’s hand between her legs, touching, poking, and prodding. They loved how she breathed their names as they kissed above her, how they would take her at the same time, one of them quick and rough, the other slow and sensual. It wasn’t favorites, it was their style, and she loved both of them for their ways.

It became a tradition for her to lie between them as they basked in the afterglow, their bodies pressed together like puppies. She could whimper and arch against them trying to press as much of her skin against them as she could, trying to curl herself up and away from the world so they all existed as one, one being breathing, feeling, fucking together, each movement, each sound in sync.

Their little routines would become a comfort to her. There was not a day that they varied from it. Each day they would fuck the same way, sleep the same way, sit around their small round table, Tseng’s fingers prodding her, her hand stroking Rufus while the blonde god stroked Tseng’s. They would peak in sync, breathing out wordless sounds, and blink at each other with hazy eyes.

But routine was meant to be broken.

Routine changed.

So when she walked into the room and saw Tseng’s back arching towards the blonde’s lips as he slammed into him mercilessly, their bodies coated with sweat, she had frozen to watch them. They looked so beautiful with their contrast that she was afraid of disturbing them, and then Tseng called out her name quietly, and Rufus held his hand out to her wordlessly, his strokes never ceasing, never slowing.

She gazed at that hand, wrapped her own around it, let him pull her into a kiss as they invited her into their beautiful shimmering rainbow. She slid her clothes off, ran her nails down Rufus’s back like she always did, let Tseng pull her beneath him, arched into his hips and took him into her.

She lay beneath them, Rufus pounded into Tseng, Tseng pounding into her. There was such a look of pure bliss on her dark-haired lover she found herself unable to look away.

And when she came threw her head back into the pillow, breathed their names into the night air and thanked fate for allowing her to be part of this beautiful rainbow.
Tags: elena, ff_threesomes, rufus, rufus shinra, tseng, tseng/rufus/elena
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