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Yuffie Kisaragi/Vincent Valentine- Monster

Title: Monster
Author/Artist: butterflys_fics
Character/Pairing: Vincent Valentine/Yuffie Kisaragi
Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VII or the characters
Prompt Table: 2
Prompt: #009- Cool-Whip
Rating: NC-17 (MA)
Warnings: Um, there be sex here.
Word Count: 3962
Author’s Notes: This is for pariswriter82 who requested kitchen smut. Also this is not what I usually write so it may be bad. I apologize for that.

It wasn’t unusual for Yuffie to not be able to sleep at night. Actually it happened more often than not, but it seemed that she had been sleeping less frequently than usual. Perhaps she felt bad- Godo’s birthday was coming up and though she really didn’t like her father all that much she was usually home for his birthday. This year she would not be. It really was Godo’s fault though! Or at least she kept telling herself that. Sure she broke three vases that had been in the family for decades, and sure she had called him a self-righteous old prick, and sure she had tried to punch him in the face when he implied that she and her housemate were more than housemates, but did he really have to banish her from Wutai for three whole months? Overkill in her opinion.

She dug through the refrigerator with a sigh. Yep, with the way things were going she was going to end up one fat girl. She reasoned that she probably didn’t have to eat every time she couldn’t sleep but honestly there was nothing better to do. Her housemate was pretty much useless in the chatting department. No, not pretty much, completely.

And there wasn’t much to eat in the refrigerator anyway, mostly junk food she had bought because of this. She sighed and opened up the container of artificial whipped topping, stuck her finger in and then licked it off. Right, she wasn’t gonna gain any weight the way she was eating. Sure, and Cid didn’t curse ever. Riiight.

The sound of someone clearing their throat made her jump slightly as she gazed up over the refrigerator door to see her housemate watching her with an unusual expression on his face. “What are you doing?”

She frowned at him and smacked at his shoulder making sure not to get any of the whipped topping on his black shirt. She doubted he would appreciate that much. “You scared the hell out of me.”

He raised a dark eyebrow. “You know I live here Yuffie.”

She scowled. “You walk to damn quietly. Gawd, it’s like you don’t know how to make noise. Wear a friggin’ bell or something!”

His expression did not change as he watched her. “What are you doing?”


“That, Yuffie, is obvious. The question is what are you eating and why you are eating at three in the morning?”

“I couldn’t sleep,” she told him with a sigh. “What are you doing up?”

“I also could not sleep.” He blinked at her. “You still didn’t tell me what you were eating.”

She dipped her finger into the container again and cleaned it off with a smack. “Cool-Whip.”

He blinked at her. “Cool-Whip?”

“Yeah, Cool-Whip. You eat it with ice cream and strawberries and stuff.” She blinked at him and disregarded her now once again sweet covered finger to gap at him. “Do not tell me you never had it before!”

“And if I say I haven’t?”

“I will tell you that you have been living under a rock since the day you were born!” Her eyes were wide with shock as she gazed at him. “Honestly Vinnie, how could you have never had it before?”

“I merely haven’t,” he answered her casually. He tilted his head to one side as he watched her. “Is it really wise for you to be walking around so…..scantily clad?”

She glanced down at her clothes. Okay, she was in a short t-shirt and her underwear, but it was her pajamas! She looked back at him with a frown. “Doesn’t show much more than my normal clothes.”

“Hmph, I suppose that is true.”

She wiggled her eyebrows at him. “Thinking dirty thoughts you dirty old man?” she teased with the slightest of laughs.


She gaped at him. “Vinnie, you pervert! I was only joking you know, but come on-“

He wasn’t paying attention to her words anymore however; he was just watching her rant waving around her finger with that stupid topping on it. He had to admit she was rather amusing when she was confused or angry. He couldn’t really tell which she was right now though since he really honestly wasn’t paying attention to her. He probably should have paid attention to her ranting, he knew that, but he was too fascinated by her actions to really listen to her words.

After she had gone on and on for a good couple of minutes he tired of it. He honestly wanted her to stop. He reached up grabbing her wrist and his eyes never leaving hers leaned forward, took the sweet covered digit into his mouth and sucked the topping off of it.

She gapped at him, looking very confused, her mouth opening and closing in a way that reminded him very much of a fish.

His grip on her still strong he straightened himself up and titled his head to one side. “Now you can’t say I live under a rock because I have had it.”

She seemed to snap out of her daze. “Ugh! You-“

She never finished her sentence though because he leaned forward and brushed his lips chastely against hers. “Go back to bed Yuffie,” he whispered to her before releasing her wrist.

Do not send her back to her room, Chaos whispered inside of his head. You want her. I know you do.

Shut up! he hissed back at the demon. I do not want her! She is my friend, my housemate. She is just a young girl-

Who you want to fuck senseless.

Stupid demon.

You cannot hide it from me. I see the way you look at the girl, the way your body reacts to her. You want to bend her over the table and-

I am not listening to you anymore.

You can’t help it. You want her. You want to have her squirming beneath you, want to have her screaming out your name. You want it so bad you can taste it.

You are depraved.

The demon laughed inside of his head. You are the one who is thinking it. I am merely reminding you of your thoughts. Look at her standing there looking at you with her wide eyes and her shocked expression. Look at her young, firm body standing there scantily dressed. You want to taste her skin, steal her breath, drive yourself inside of her-

Enough! He fought the urge to close his eyes at the demon’s words. Even were that true I would not act on it!

And why not? You want her so just take her. I doubt she would put up much of a fight.

Leave me alone.

That will never happen, and you well know it.

“Vinnie, are you listening to me?”

He took a breath and turned back towards her. “What were you saying Yuffie?”

That she wants you to take her.

Shut up.

“Gawd, Vinnie, pay attention when I am talking to you!”

You want her on her knees, her warm mouth around-


The sad thing was in his own way he knew the demon was right. That was what made him madder than anything. Yuffie was his friend, and a young girl, and the idea that he could think these things of her disgusted him. “Yuffie, please, go back to bed before I do something I will regret.”


“Yuffie please!”

She gaped at him. He never raised his voice. Never. She reached out towards him with one hand. “Vinnie-“

His hand clamped down on her wrist and tugged her towards him. She stumbled, eyes widening. Somehow she managed to put the container in her hand down though. Fancy that.

His breath was warm against her face, their noses almost touching, but his eyes were fixed on hers, intense and serious. “Please, Yuffie, go back to your room. For your own good.”

Something was wrong. She could taste it. “I want to help you,” she told him defiantly. “I know something is wrong and I want to help you.”

“You can’t,” he told her thickly.

Oh, but she can, Chaos argued. If you can have her firm little body-

Not another word!

“I want to help you Vinnie,” she told him quietly. “Let me help you.”

He closed his eyes, took a deep breath. “You cannot help me, Yuffie. Nothing you can do will help me.”

“What’s wrong?” She sounded so damn worried about him. “Tell me.”

Tell her, Chaos urged. Tell her you want to throw her on that table and screw her brains out-

Didn’t I tell you to shut up?

He watched her for a moment, took in her worried eyes and wanted to crawl into a dark corner and never see her again. These thoughts….they were sinful. They were wrong, and yet with each passing moment they became stronger and stronger. He was becoming more and more disgusted with himself. “I cannot tell you.”

Her cheeks puffed out in anger. She wanted to help him and she would be damned if he was going to stop her from doing so! She was, she admitted, rather uncomfortable with how close he was though. Actually she was rather comfortable and that was what made her uncomfortable. Her heart beat was becoming erratic and she was getting the crazy idea that she should kiss him. But that was crazy! This was Vinnie! She didn’t want to kiss him, did she? No, certainly not! Then why was she leaning towards him? Why was she pressing her lips against his in a way less chaste than he had?

He released her suddenly, his grip falling away as if she had burned him but he himself did not move. He stood there, both intrigued and confused at the act. “Yuffie…”

Okay, she would admit it to herself. She had developed a crush on Vincent Valentine shortly after she had met him. How could she not? He was an extremely attractive man.

She pulled away from him slightly, took in his confused expression. She had never seen Vincent confused before. It was new and exciting and she wanted to see it again.

Her lips pressed against his again and mentally he groaned. She wasn’t helping his situation at all.

Oh, but she is. Kiss her back, take her, fuck her. You want to. I know you do. I can feel it.

Stop! She doesn’t understand what she is doing!

She isn’t a child anymore. She knows what she is doing. She is no foolish little girl. One look would tell you that.

He pushed her away, backed himself away from her. “Yuffie, don’t.”

He couldn’t tell it she looked more shocked, or more relieved. He hoped it was the later. “I’m sorry.” Gods, why did it hurt him to hear her sound so sad?

She started to walk away then, looking away from him and heading back down the hall.

You want her! Don’t let her walk away! You will never forgive yourself if you do!

He was trying to hard to ignore the demon’s words, but he knew deep down it was true. It took him only a few seconds to make up his mind and then he grabbed her by the arm, turned her around and pressed his lips to hers firmly.

She froze. She wasn’t expecting this at all, but she couldn’t say she wasn’t enjoying it.

Damn it! Are you happy now Chaos?

Very. And so are you. You can’t deny it.

As if to prove his point the demon was sending images to him, his thoughts put into visions. He groaned once more inside of his head. This was sinful, this was wrong, but he was enjoying kissing her too much to care.

His hand slid down her back, gripped her bottom firmly and when she gasped he deepened the kiss. He was beyond rational thought, beyond reason. He was lost in the feeling of her lips on his.

She shifted slightly uncomfortable. She wasn’t really sure what was going on, and while she was screaming with wonder it didn’t really seem to matter. She was enjoying this way too much.

He held her close to him, lifted her up and backed her over so he could sit her down on the table. He wasn’t even aware he was doing it at the time. To be honest he was moving in a type of dream state. He could almost watch himself from a distant place and wonder when all common sense had flown out the window. This was wrong and he knew it but somehow he didn’t care. He just wanted to kiss her, touch her, taste her.

She had her arms around his shoulders as the cool of the table made contact with her legs. She gasped into their kiss, her small hands fisting in the fabric of his shirt. She could feel his hand rise up and slide beneath the fabric of her t-shirt, could feel his hand brush across the sensitive underside of her breast. She gasped once more, pulled her mouth away from his and rested her head on his shoulder. Her breathing was heavy from the kiss, her mind spinning.

He froze. “I….am sorry Yuffie,” he whispered to her as his hand slid away from her body. “I should not have done that. I will leave you now.”

Her hand shot out and grabbed his arm. “Don’t you dare,” she whispered to him, and then her lips met his again, warm and inviting. He only hesitated for an instant before he kissed her back. He let her take his hand, let her lead it back under her shirt, let her place it on top of her small, firm breast, let her press herself close to that hand.

And she let him caress her chest, kiss her breathless, break the kiss to attack her neck, kissing, biting, all while she had her eyes closed almost as if she was afraid of opening her eyes to see him. She was afraid he would be gone. She arched towards him, made small sounds in the back of her throat that made his situation worse.

He pulled away from her when his hand found its way to the hem of her shirt. He hesitated. This was going way too far.

She didn’t hesitate. She removed his hand, she pulled her shirt from her body, she tossed it aside, and she looked at him with such an innocent expression he felt like more of a monster than ever before. And then she kissed him and he forgot about being a monster, he kissed her breathless, kissed her until he could forget reason. He only wanted to taste her, feel her, touch her.

His lips made a hot trail from her mouth to her neck, his good hand resting on the small of her back. Then her fingers, her small innocent fingers were pulling at his shirt, tugging at it, and he pulled back long enough for her to remove it from him. She watched him with an innocent expression, one so innocent he almost felt sick at the ideas and wants he was having. Then her lips pressed against his chest and he had to hold in the urge to groan. Her sweet innocent mouth was kissing the scars on his chest; she was caressing them with her lips as if trying to heal them.

He pulled her from his chest, pushed her away, pushed her back on the table his lips meeting her neck, then sliding lower, first to her collarbone, then down the line of her chest, down to her bellybutton. She shuddered and arched towards his lips, the feeling of him kissing her body so delicately burning her alive. His lips slid back up as he kissed her, his hand running down her thigh in a way that made her moan into his mouth.

He wanted to stop. Oh gods did he want to stop, but he didn’t seem to be in control of his own body anymore as he lifted her hips up and slid her underwear from her body and tossed it somewhere.

His lips pulled away from hers again as he kissed his way down her body, her shivering at his touch only urging him forward. He kissed her bellybutton, kissed her hips, and then placed a kiss on her inner thigh. She had raised her head to look at him, and she could see somewhere in his eyes something not entirely human, as if the demons inside of him were gazing back at her. Then she couldn’t think at all.

His tongue slid inside of her without her knowing he was even doing so. She gasped, moaned out his name and arched her hips forward and towards him. His hand came down on her hips holding her in place. He is kissing her in a place she had never been kissed before, his skillful tongue moving in a way that was driving her insane. She felt pooling warmth in her lower body, she breathed out his name. He groaned. Just the sound of his name on her lips was driving him crazy. His tongue flickered across her most sensitive spot and he could feel her hips struggling against his grasp. He sucked on the nerve, bit down on it hard, and she lost it. She whispered out his name as an orgasm racked through her body, his tongue still kissing her most sensitive region.

He felt dirty having done this to her. He could feel his soul weighed down with more sins as he did it, but he wasn’t in control anymore. Maybe he had never been.

He moved up to kiss her again, his tongue sliding into her mouth, her hands gripping his shoulders tightly as she sat on the edge of the table. She was so beautiful to him, naked and glistening with sweat. He gasped into her mouth as he felt her hands reach down to his pants and reach a hand inside. He growled somewhere deep in his throat and tore his lips from hers, his eyes closing tightly as he felt her hand wrap around his pulsing organ. “Yuffie-“

“Shh!” She seemed to be in deep concentration as her hand slid out and she kissed him softly, almost chastely before pushing away whatever clothes separated the two of them. She pushed him back slightly as she slid off of the table.

“What are you-“

She had dropped to her knees and pressed a kiss to the tip of his erection before he even finished his sentence. He groaned then, closing his eyes tightly. “Yuffie…”

She gazed at him with an innocent expression, kneeling before him, naked in the moonlight. Then slowly, almost hesitantly, her mouth closed around his member. He growled again, closed his eyes tightly as he felt her warm mouth start to work him, her tongue, her teeth, working his length. He growled at himself, at letting her do this, but his brain was fuzzy. He was, despite all his protests, enjoying this. He groaned. “Yuffie….stop….enough….”

She did, sat on the floor looking up at him as if asking what she did wrong. She hadn’t in fact done anything wrong and that was the problem. He was enjoying it way too much, but the look on her face was killing him so he lifted her back up and pressed his lips to hers once again.

To have sex, or not to have sex…..that is the question, he thought bitterly.

Do it, Chaos urged.You want to, so does she. Just do it.

She does not. She is just confused.

She is not a child. She is an adult and she knows what is going on. Give her more credit than that. She wants this as much as you do. Take her.


Do it, or you will never forgive yourself.

His arms wrapped around hers as he lifted her up to once more sit on the table. His lips trailed down her neck, hot, warm, needy. They fell backwards, her back hitting the wood, him leaning over her, his lips still warm on her neck. She mewled, a low pitiful sound of pleasure that made his breath hitch. He wanted to have control, he was begging for control, but had lost all control. Every last bit.

His lips covered hers; he maneuvered himself between her legs. He kept asking himself if he should check to make sure she really wanted this, but he couldn’t control himself. His hand slid down her side, grasped her leg behind the knee and lifted it up, and then he entered her in one swift motion.

She gasped into the kiss, her body burning with pain as she dug her nails into the flesh of his back. Blood seeped out of his skin and pooled beneath her nails.

His lips tore from hers. Gods, he was a monster. He buried his face against her neck, kissed her skin, apologized over and over again.

She bit her lip against the tears, forced her breathing to steady.

Then he felt her relax, felt her shift slightly against him and he lost it. He began to move inside of her, drawing himself almost entirely out of her and then slamming back in. She arched towards him, locked her legs around his waist, pressed her heels into his backside pushing him further into her. She could feel that warm pooling feeling again, her breath was ragged. She dug her nails into his skin, breathed out his name as she kissed the side of his neck. He was grunting slightly as he moved inside of her, his face a mixture of concentration and pleasure that made her shudder. The pressure was building still and all at once she clamped down around him screaming out his name.

He gritted his teeth. He would not let himself go, he would not. Despite his lack of control he would control that. He swore he would.

As her breathing became normal again she gazed up at him with half lidded eyes, wondered why he had held back. She reached up, pulled his mouth to hers in a breath stealing kiss that left his head spinning, then rolled them over so she was on top of him. She pulled away and looked down at him, then rocked her hips against his. He groaned quietly as he closed his eyes. She was going to be the death of him, he was sure of it. She would find a way to kill him. Her rocking her hips against his, riding him as he lay beneath her was enough to make him die. He was sure of it. He could feel it building, feel himself ready to lose control. And she was losing it too; he could feel her tightening around him again.

He took ahold of her hips, kept her steady and thrust himself violently against her, pulled her body closer to his. She lost it, arched her head back as she called out his name. That did it, watching her like that, hearing her call out his name, feeling her clench around him again, he lost control as his own orgasm took him over as he whispered out her name. “Yuffie.”

He emptied himself inside of her and then she collapsed against him, both of them exhausted. He wrapped his arms around her to keep her safe by his side, almost afraid something horrible would happen to her once she moved.

I am a monster, he thought bitterly. A horrible monster.

Hate yourself in the morning, the demon said. For now, just enjoy what has been.

And for once in his life Vincent listened to the demon without an argument.
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