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Vincent/Yuffie- Drift Away

Title: Drift Away
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Claim: Vincent Valentine/Yuffie Kisaragi
Characters: Vincent Valentine, Yuffie Kisaragi
Prompt: #51- Water
Word Count: 116
Rating: PG

#51- Water
You ask me to let you go, it is the hardest thing I ever do. But you beg me to, plead with me too, so I let you go, watch your breath slip away, watch you slip away from me and into ever lasting night.

I hold you to me, tell you the words I was afraid to speak too often while you lived, let you know all the things you longed to hear, then I let you go once more.

I watch your peaceful face, bid you goodbye and watch you sink under the water and drift away from me until all I see is the dark and your face only exists in my memory.
Tags: drabbles100, vincent, vincent/yuffie, yuffie, yuffie/vincent
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