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Vincent/Yuffie- How Many?

Title: How Many?
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Claim: Vincent Valentine/Yuffie Kisaragi
Characters: Vincent Valentine and Yuffie Kisaragi
Prompt: #32- Sunset
Word Count: 102
Rating: PG

#32- Sunset
You always loved to watch the sunset. You told me it cast beautiful colors across the pale of my face. You would hold your hand up to my face, smile. “You almost look like you have color Vinnie. I wish you could see what I do.”

I was never too fond of the sun, not for years, but these small things gave you such pleasure I couldn’t deny you them.

I held you close, kissed your lips and wondered: how many more sunsets will we have? How many more will there be before we have to say goodbye? How many?
Tags: drabbles100, vincent, vincent/yuffie, yuffie, yuffie/vincent
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