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Vincent/Yuffie- No Poetry

Title: No Poetry
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Claim: Vincent Valentine/Yuffie Kisaragi
Characters: Vincent Valentine and Yuffie Kisaragi
Prompt: #74- Dark
Word Count: 113
Rating: PG-13

#74- Dark
You sleep in my arms, close your eyes against the harsh of the dark, drink in my warmth. There is something so beautiful about you in the dim light, something I cant place or put a name on.

“You are light and beauty,” you once told me. You told me I was beautiful and I told you that you were blind. I was darkness, you were light. We weren’t meant to be like this, lying side by side limbs entwined.

There was no poetry between light and dark, no common ground for us to depend on, no world we both belonged in.

“We will find a place,” you said.

And I believed you.
Tags: drabbles100, vincent, vincent/yuffie, yuffie, yuffie/vincent
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