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Rinoa for fated_children

Title: It Was He
Theme + Number: #90- I'm Sorry; #93- Blood; #94- Battered
Character: Rinoa
Rating: M
Warnings: Sexual content, death
Author's Notes: Rinoa and Seifer intimacy
Summary: She found comfort in him.

"I'm sorry..." His voice was weak; his voice was so far away.

She pressed a hand to his chest, tried to cover the wound. She would not cry, she swore she would not cry. He was going to be fine; he was going to be alright. But the blood was seeping through her fingers and she couldn't lie to herself as she gazed at his battered body.

He was going to die.

It was Seifer who finally found her holding the dead man to her, Seifer who finally pulled her away, Seifer who she clung to and Seifer who carried her bloody form away.

It was he who called someone to gather the body, he who brought her to clean up, he who dragged her into the bathroom, turned on the shower and shoved her towards it. "Clean yourself up," he had told her. "It will do you no good to stay like that. There is nothing you can do."

It was his words she thought about under the stream of the shower, his voice that she felt in her ears, his warmth she felt when he carried her away from the death.

It was him she approached dripping wet from the shower, him who she pressed her mouth against searching for comfort she couldn't find anywhere else. It was him she lay beneath as the night went on, he who's name she whispered with eyes closed tight, he she used to drown her sorrows.

When it was over she would wish she could take it all back, wish she had been more careful of his heart, because in the end he would fall for her, and she could never love him back.

Her heart belonged to a dead man.
Tags: fated_children, rinoa
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