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Draco/Hermione- Broken- Chapter 3

Title: Broken (Sequel to Foolish)
Author: blacksouledbutterfly (me)
Rating: Mature
Pairings: Draco/Hermione
Summary: They thought the war was over- they thought wrong. On a search for their daughter they will encounter dangers untold and hardships beyond compare, all to come out in facing their worst enemy once more.

3- Draco
I want to die, but I don't. That makes absolutely no bloody sense, I know, but I don't know what to do to make everything better and for that I want to die. I look at Hermione and I feel like I am dying, my body just doesn't realize it, so why can't it just let me die?

I sit here with her trying to figure out how to get our daughter back, and I have no bleeding clue how to go about it. I sit here and watch her worry about Ginny, who remains unconscious. About Harry, worrying for his wife and mourning the loss of his child. And, of course, about Danica, our daughter, who my father has and doing only Merlin knows what to her. For all we know, she may even be dead.

In truth I doubt she's dead. My father would never pass up the opportunity to let me know that he killed my daughter, to rub it in my face. He's just that horrible. That's my father, raised to be the most cold hardened, blood thirsty person you could ever imagine. He was a waste of life and always will be. When I find him, this time I will make sure he is dead. No questions about it.

There came a knock at the door. Hermione wiped her eyes harshly. "Come in," she croaked.

Lupin stuck his head into the room. He cast Hermione a small smile before coming inside and closing the door. "We have a final casualty count," he told us.

"How many?"

He glanced at me. "One hundred and twenty three."

Hermione let out a ragged breath. "Merlin."

"Tonks went over to try to help with the healing. About two hundred injured. Considering the damage, we were lucky that there aren't more dead," he continued. "I told her that she shouldn't put so much pressure on herself in her condition, but you know her. Stubborn is the best word to describe that girl."


Hermione's head shot up in his direction, her eyes widened. "Is...is Tonks....pregnant?"

I could have sworn the old werewolf blushed, but maybe I was wrong.

Hermione pulled herself up off of the bed and went over to hug our old professor. "Oh, congratulations. I can't imagine someone who deserves a family more than you." She pulled back to smile at him. "You'll be a wonderful father."

He smiled at her. "Thank you, Hermione. That means a lot." He glanced at me from over her shoulder. "We contacted the Ministry about your daughter's...um, abduction. They said that they will do what they can to help you find her, but considering what is going on as of now-"

"Them being able to find her seems unlikely because they are so busy," I finished.

He nodded rather sadly. "I'm afraid so, but everyone here will try to help you find her. We want Danica returned safely just as much as you do."

He glanced quickly towards the door and then back at us. "Molly wanted me to tell you both that dinner is on the table."

Hermione nodded slightly. "We'll be right down.


Dinner was rather quiet. Hermione, Harry and myself did little more than push our food around on our plates. I felt rather rude since Molly had taken the time to make the food for us all, but I wasn't hungry. None of us really were.

That night as Hermione slept I was lying awake. The moon cast a strange light across the room. My love's head rested against my arm, her breathing soft. I was thinking of Danica, somewhere, probably cold and scared, with the demon that was my father. I imagined her crying out for her mother, I imagined how he was most likely hurting her. I could barely breathe with the thought.

Hermione stirred next to me. My eyes skipped to her. Her face was scrunched up in what seemed to be pain. Her eyes shot open, widened, then narrowed as a hand flew over her mouth.

She stumbled off of the bed and down the hall, myself trailing behind her. She ran into the bathroom, leaned over the toilet and began heaving. I sat on the flood next to her, holding her hair out of her face.

It seemed to take forever for her to empty her stomach, but since she hadn't eaten much it was dry heaving, the most painful was to throw up.

Once she was done she leaned against me, her face pale and flushed and sweaty. "I think the spell had a bad side effect."

I stroked her hair, cradled her against me. "Most likely. Were you feeling ill earlier."

"A little, and I had...the most horrible dream about Danica."

"Oh, love."

"She was screaming, Draco. She was screaming so loud. She was crying for us, and we couldn't find her. She was calling out for us." Her body began to shake as she cried. "Draco, everything is so horrible. Danica is missing, Ginny lost her baby and is in a spell induced coma, St. Mungo's is gone. Everything is falling apart. I thought the end of the war was supposed to make everything better."

"So did I, love. We all did."

"I wish I knew what to do."

"So do I, but I promise you, Hermione, we will find her. You know that, right? We will find our daughter, we will get her back, it will get better."

"Don't promise me that, Draco. You can't promise me that. You don't know if that will really happen. You can't promise-"

"I can because she is my daughter, and I will find her no matter what it takes. I will get her back and I will make my father pay for what he did to her. I swear it. Do you understand me, Hermione? I will make sure she is alright, I will make sure you can hold her again."

She glanced up at me, her eyes so vulnerable that it made my heart ache. "I love you, Draco. I love you so much."

"I love you too, Hermione. We will get through this. I promise you we will."

I held her for the rest of the night as she cried.
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