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Draco/Hermione- Foolish- Chapter 31

Title: Foolish
Author: blacksouledbutterfly (me)
Rating: Mature
Pairings: Draco/Hermione
Summary: I always knew you would be the one to make me cry....

31- Ginny and Hermione
*Ginny's prospective*

When Hermione appeared without Danica, and with a very angry Draco I know something was wrong. I usher them in, sit them down at the kitchen table. I offer them tea, but they refuse. "I had enough tea already," she tells me. "Any more and I’m going to be sick. I know it."

I smile knowing the feeling. "What happened?"

Hermione meets my eyes and I know she doesn't want to talk about it, but since I asked she will tell me. "Danica. She’s gone. Lucius...Lucius took her."

Hermione relays to me the whole sorted mess. She explains to me that Lucius is still alive, despite thoughts to the contrary. She tells me he took Danica and now all they can to it wait for her to come back.

I want to hug her, but I don't know how she would receive it. All I can think about was how I would feel if it were one of my children that were missing. It would tear me apart. I would want to kill. I am sure Hermione feels the same way.

She must be ready to kill, but she doesn't show it. She just sits at my table, her hands folded in her lap.

Draco is steaming next to her. "Do either of you want anything?" I ask. I feel I need to do something, but I'm not sure what I can do.

Hermione merely shakes her head.

"No, I don't want anything. Nothing you can give me," Draco tells me. He glances around the kitchen. "Where did Potter disappear to?"

"Went to visit Remus," I tell him. "Um, Professor Lupin."

Draco scowls. "I know who you meant, thank you very much. I’m not stupid." He scoffs. "Perfect time for the perfect Potter to be gone. Just when his best mate needs him."

Hermione sighs. "Harry couldn't have known, Draco. I'm not angry at him, so you shouldn't be."

"That famous Harry Potter couldn't tell that his friend’s child was about to go missing? Not so amazing after all, is he?"

Hermione glances at me, and I see something in her eyes that no one in her position should be feeling. She has an apology in her eyes. "I'm sorry about him," she tells me. "He's just upset. We both are."

"Damn right I'm upset," Draco says. "But it doesn't mean what I’m saying isn't true."

Hermione sighs. "Draco, please."

"Hermione, you know I'm right. All the hype about him was just that. Hype. He's not so special after all."

"Draco, please stop."

I bite my lip. Normally I would be angry, but Hermione was right. Draco was just angry and taking it out on anyone who was convenient.

Unfortunately that happens to be my husband, but I suppose I should be use to Draco's hatred of Harry.

Some things I guess you never get use to.

"If he was really that special," Draco continues. "He would have been able to tell that something was about to happen. I mean, they say he's supposed to kill Vol...well, You-Know- Who, and he can't even figure out that a little girl he knows well is about to vanish. How is that supposed to work?"

"The world isn't perfect," Hermione tells her. "And Harry isn’t a Seer."

He scoffs. "Oh, no, certainly not. That would be too lowly for the Great Harry Potter."

"Please, Draco, just stop. This isn't Harry's fault and you know it. It's no one's fault. It just...it's a horrible thing that happened."

I clear my throat. "Please, lets all just calm down. I can only imagine how much you're hurting right now, but hurting each other and others isn't going to bring Danica back, right?"

Draco casts me a less than friendly look. "You know nothing about it."

I sigh, picking up the last of the lunch dishes off of the table. "Maybe not, but I can sympathize." I stand up and cast him an equally unfriendly glance. "If my worrying isn't good enough for you, I'm sorry, but getting angry at me won't change anything. You should know that."

I make my way over to the sink when a pain rips through my stomach. I stumble, dropping one of the plates.

A chair slides out from the table. "Ginny?" Hermione moves towards me. "Are you okay?"

I try to answer her but the pain is blinding. The plates slip out of my hands and fall to the floor. The sound of them breaking is hollow and cold. I grab my abdomen and lean over. Breathing becomes more and more of a hassle.


Draco is standing up now as well.

Another pain rips through me, and then the world turns black.

*Hermione's prospective*

St. Mungo's was an absolute mad house. People were bustling all about, running around the halls and screaming out orders. You would have thought the world was coming to an end. Truth was it was a little bit unsettling to be sitting there next to Draco without having any idea what was going on with my friend.

The nurse who had attended to Ginny when she first got there bustled by us. I reached out, clutching her arm. She turned around sharply, hand reaching for her pocket, for her wand. She tensed slightly. "Please, can you tell me how my friend is doing?"

The nurse pulled her arm away from me rather harshly as though she were afraid I would harm her. "I'm sorry, but we don't know anything as of yet. If you wait here patiently we will tell you when we know anything." She stuck her nose up in the air. "Now, if you will excuse me I have important things to attend to."

As she made her way away from us I wanted to strangle her. I even held my hands out in a motion like I was going to do just that. "Now, love, don't go doing that now." Draco's hands grabbed me, pulling me back towards him. "We can't handle and more problems right now. With Danica and whatever is going on with Ginny...throttling a nurse will not help."

"I don't want to throttle her," I told him, pulling myself out of his grasp. "I want to strangle her. There is a slight difference."

"Still, love, I do believe that is against the law."

"Perhaps, but what exactly is your point?"

"It won't do us any good." He sat down casually. "Come now, love. Sit. You are going to drive yourself absolutely mad if you just stand there waiting. They will talk to us when they know something."

I sat against my better judgment. "I know, Draco, but I am so worried about her right now. I don't know what to do. I can't just sit here."

"What do you purpose to do then? You can't go around harassing the nurses."

"I wasn't harassing anyone! I was asking a question!"

"Yes, a question you have asked only five minutes before. Hermione, you have to just take a deep breath. If you bother the nurses they won't tell us when they know something."

"They can't do that!"

He sighed, shaking his head almost sadly. "Love, you know they can. If you weren't so upset you would realize that. We are not her family, Hermione. Seeing as we are not her family we do not have the right to demand to know how she is."

"That's horrible though."

"That's just the way it is."

I went to open my mouth to talk to him again, to explain that it didn't mean that it was right, when I heard more heavy footsteps sounding down the hall, only this was like a small stampede.

I turned in the direction the sound was coming friend to see Harry and well...the entire Weasley family running down the hall. Harry must have gotten the owl I sent him.

As he reached me he bent over, hands on his knees. He panted a couple of times, grabbing his side. The family stopped behind him and I could see even Remus was there. Why he was there however I had no idea.

Harry took a couple of breaths. "How is she? What's going on?"

Draco folded his arms across his chest. "We know exactly how much you do, Potter." Oh no. He was letting his anger out on him about Danica. He didn't know when to keep his mouth shut apparently. I needed to give him a memo stating that when a man's wife has been brought to St. Mungo's because she blacked out you shouldn't give them cheek.

Harry straightened up, glaring at him. "I don't need any of your attitude right now, Malfoy."

"Well, isn't that too bad, Potter, because you're going to be getting it."

"Draco, stop."

He glanced at me. "No, Hermione. I will not stop."

Ron let out a sound of annoyance. "Sure, Hermione. He's not all bad at all. He just doesn't have a sensitive bone in his entire body."

"Ron, really, you don't understand-"

"Weasley, if I wanted your opinion I would give it to you seeing as you haven't come up with an interesting come back since second year."

Ron's ears began to turn red. "As if you are so original yourself, Malfoy."

Draco got that damn smirk on his face. "Why would I waste my intelligence on you, Weasley? You wouldn't have the brain power to understand it anyway."

"Now, see here-"

Harry cut off Mr. Weasley's protests. "I swear to you Malfoy, if you start problems right now I will hex you to the other side of the world and back."

"Oh, look here, the Boy Who Lived, the Famous Harry Potter is threatening me. How charming."

"I'm warning you Malfoy."

I stood up and placed myself between the two of them. Honestly who did all men have to be so immature? Is it bred into them or something? "Please, stop it. This isn't going to do any good."

"I'm not trying to make things easier for Potter," Draco told me. "Why would I do that?"

I turned to him with a glare. "To make it easier for me. Is that too hard to ask? Can't you understand that I am worried about Ginny as well?"

"He doesn't care, Hermione," Ron said. "He just wants to cause problems."

Harry sighed. "Look, we dropped the kids off so Tonks could watch them so we could come see how my wife is, not to argue with you, Malfoy."

"Well as I said before, that is too bad, Potter."

"If you open your mouth one more time Malfoy-"

"Pardon me."

Mine, Harry's and Draco's head snapped towards the voice. The same nurse who I had wanted to strangle not too long before stood there. She shoved her blonde hair off of her shoulder. "You are all here about Ginerva Potter, are you not?"

Harry was the one who nodded. "Yes. Please, tell me, is my wife alright?"

The woman sighed. "Well, Mr. Potter, your wife was in quite a bit of pain when she came in. She was slipping in and of consciousness, and well-"

We never did hear how Ginny was though because she never got to finish that sentence. At that moment the wall of the hospital exploded and the world went dark.


I will be posting the sequel ASAP.
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