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Draco/Hermione- Foolish- Chapter 18

Title: Foolish
Author: blacksouledbutterfly (me)
Rating: Mature
Pairings: Draco/Hermione
Summary: I always knew you would be the one to make me cry....

18- Pansy and Hermione
*Pansy's prospective*

I stood outside the window of Borgin and Burkes and scowled,

At that point more than ever I wanted to strangle that bushy haired filthy muggle.

I didn’t care if Draco loved her. Really, I didn’t.

But him wanting to be with her and not me was completely unacceptable.

I mean, what did he see in that filthy little muggle anyway?

She wasn’t pretty by any standards. Her hair was a wild mess, her teeth were too big, though I will admit they were smaller since that incident with Draco in school.

Still it was unacceptable.

No pureblooded wizard in their right mind would choose that muggle idiot over me.

I didn’t care if he wanted to fuck her. That was fine.

We had established from the beginning that sex with other people was perfectly fine.

No problems there, none at all.

But he would not break off our engagement.

He would not humiliate me like that.

I wasn’t about to let him get away with that and I would do anything and I mean anything to keep that from happening.

I would kill her if I had to.

Not that I would mind killing that mudblood even without Draco being in love with her.

It would just make my day to let little miss know-it-all suffer.

And I know that no one would miss that freak.

True, Draco might at first, since he seems to really love her, but I could make him forget her quick enough.

And I could make him love me and want to be with only me.

It wouldn’t be that hard to do.

Besides, Narcissa wont let him be with that filth.

She has a good head on her shoulders, which unfortunately it looks like Draco hasn’t inherited.

But looking at him kissing her in the Borgin and Burkes and then having her smile I wanted to kick her bloody face in.

I swear, Hermione Granger, I will make you pay.

Even if it’s the last thing I do on this earth, I will make you pay.

*Hermione's prospective*

You wanted to see Danica.

I didn’t want you to.

Not yet. I was afraid that something would happen and Danica would get attached to you and then you would be gone and then that would break her heart.

Just like mine was when you and I broke up so long ago.

But you seemed so determined to see your daughter.

And though I knew that Harry and Ron would probably feel betrayed if they knew that Draco Malfoy, their sworn enemy. was Danica’s father, maybe you really did have a right to see our daughter.

So I agreed reluctantly.

And you smiled and kissed my temple and pulled me close to you and whispered, “It’ll be alright, love.”

And I smiled.

And when we got to Harry’s house and I opened the door, Harry jumped up and glared at you and I cringed.

He had his mouth set in a deep scowl. “What in bloody hell is he doing here?”

Even to me he sounded angry.

And it hurt me to hear him sound that way.

And you went to answer him but I held up a hand and shockingly enough you shut your mouth.

I turned to Ginny and ignored the cold looks that Ron as giving you and I whispered, “Where’s Danica?”

And Ginny looked at you then back at me, and then I nodded and she sighed and went to get her.

And Luna had a knowing smile on her face and I briefly wondered how she always seemed to know what was going on but I didn’t have much time to think because Ron leapt out of his seat and pointed one long finger at you. “What in bloody hell are you doing with Hermione?” he asked.

And I wanted to tell him that he was being a prat, but you spoke first.

“That, I’m afraid, Weasley, is none of your concern,” you said smoothly and somewhat coldly and I wondered how you could be cold to everyone else and sometimes so warm to me.

And then Ginny came back in holding Danica in her arms and it was then that I noticed how much her hair looked like yours and her brown eyes that were so like mine seemed so out of place with the Malfoy paleness that she had.

And I wondered briefly how no one noticed how much she looked like you.

Danica reached out to me from Ginny’s arms and I took her and placed her on my hip like I had done so many times and turned to she was facing you.

And you seemed mesmerized by her, like you had never seen a child before and I looked at her and whispered, “Do you know who that is?”

And she looked at me and shook her head.

And I smiled and kissed her head and she laughed. “This is your Daddy,” I told her and she blinked at me.

She looked at you for a second and then back at me. “Daddy?”

And I knew that she didn’t understand because she never had a father before. But she knew what Daddy meant because she had seen Harry with Lilly so many times before.

Ron and Harry were mumbling things in the background and sputtering when I nodded to her once more. “That’s right, Danica. This is your Daddy.”

And she looked back at you and started twisting around in my arms and reached out to you.

But you looked shocked at first when I handed her to you, and you slid one arm beneath her back to keep her from falling and she buried her face in your shoulder.

And you kissed the top of her head and pressed your face into her soft hair.

And for the first time in a long time I felt this tingle in my soul.

Then I realized I had a lot of explaining to do to Ron and Harry.
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