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New Directions Fanmix

Title: Something To Believe In
Media: New Directions
Contents: 10 tracks + bonus track.

Misfit- Lesley Roy
See the misfit in the mirror
See the freak that lives inside
See the misfit in the mirror cry
See the one nobody wanted,
Shattered by a world of lies
See the misfit in the mirror die

How Soon Is Now- t.A.t.U.
You shut your mouth
How can you say
I go about things the wrong way
I am a human and i need to be loved
Just like everybody else does

There's a club if you'd like to go you
Could meet somebody who really loves you
So you go, and you stand on your own and
You leave on your own and you go home,
And you cry and you want to die.

For All Lovers- Stanfour

This one goes out to the lonely
This one goes out to the broken ones
This one goes out to the angels
Fallin' from the sky
This one goes out to your brother
This one goes out to your mother
This one goes out to your sister
And this one's for you

And all the lovers and believers
And the ones who've been betrayed
To all the fighters, all the dreamers
And the ones who've not been saved

Don't lose your faith; I know you're right
Don't be scared of being lonely
I'm here with you

Kick Ass (We Are Young)- Mika
We could rule the world
On a silver platter
From the wrong to the right light
To the open stream
With a crash and burn
We can make it better
Turn it upside down
Just you and me

We are the dream
No other way to be

We are young
We are strong
We're not looking for where we belong
We're not cool
We are free
And we're running with blood on our knees

More To Life- Stacie Orrico
I've got it all, but I feel so deprived
I go up, I come down and I'm emptier inside
Tell me what is this thing that I feel like I'm missing
And why can't I let it go

There's gotta be more to life...
Than chasing down every temporary high to satisfy me
Cause the more that I'm...
Tripping out thinking there must be more to life
Well it's life, but I'm sure... there's gotta be more
Than wanting more

All The Right Moves- OneRepublic
All the right friends in all the right places
So yeah, we're going down
They've got
All the right moves in all the right faces
So yeah, we're going down

Let's paint the picture
Of the perfect place
They've got it better then when anyone's told ya
They'll be the King of Hearts, and you're the Queen of Spades
Then we'll fight for you like we were your soldiers

I know we got it good, but they got it made,
And their grass is getting greener each day,
I know things are looking up, but soon they'll take us down,
Before anybody's knowing our name

Something To Believe In- Aqualung
We stumble into our lives:
Reach for a hand to hold.
And any wonder
We need to find
A certain something, certain.

Turn out the light
And what are you left with?
Open up my hands
And find out they're empty.
Press my face to the ground
I've gotta find a reason.
Just scratching around
For something to believe in:
Something to believe in.

All We Are- OneRepublic
I tried to paint you a picture, the colors were all wrong
Black and white didn't fit you and all along,
You were shaded with patience, your strokes of everything
That I need just to make it, and I believe that...
Time can tear you apart
But it won't break anything that you are, you are

We won't say our goodbyes you know it's better that way
We won't break, we won't die
It's just a moment of change
All we are, all we are, is everything that's right
All we need, all we need, a lover's alibi

We Are Young- fun. ft. Janelle Monae
We are young
So let's set the world on fire
We can go brighter than the sun

Though I know it I'm not
All that you got
I guess that I, I just thought
Maybe we could find a way to solve the crime
But our friend isn't back
So let's raise the tab
'Cause I found someone to carry me home

Shattered- Trading Yesterday
Yesterday I died, tomorrow's bleeding
Fall into your sunlight
The future's open wide beyond believing
To know why hope dies
Losing what was found, a world so hollow
Suspended in a compromise
The silence of this sound is soon to follow
Somehow sundown

And finding answers
Is forgetting all of the questions we call home
Passing the graves of the unknown

As reason clouds my eyes, with splendor fading
Illusions of the sunlight
And the reflection of a lie will keep me waiting
Love gone for so long

Bonus Track: We Are Young- Glee Cast

Download available here.
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