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Beiste Bingo for gleeverse

2 gifs from the episode "Home"

2 gifs of when Mercedes sang 'Beautiful'

Born This Way gifs- celebrating the glory of being yourself

Puckleberry picspam- because ever since he's matured he's always there for her. And because I may multi-pair but I always come back to them as my OTP.

Written with unseensorrows from Team Cheerios. Finn + Puck friendship after they made up in 2x11. She wrote the first 86 words, I wrote the rest.

Puck jumped off the couch and threw his arms up. “SUCK IT, HUDSON!”
Finn groaned, “Dude! Not cool!”
Puck flashed him a smile, “Hey, it’s not my fault you’re totally lame at video games, man.”
Finn frowned, his voice becoming a bit higher, “Shut up, man! I am not!”
“I think the numbers beg to differ,” Puck said pointedly as he gestured to the screen. It clearly showed that “PUCKASAURUS” had beat “FINNSON” by 5,000 points.
Finn punched him in the arm, “Whatever. Rematch!” He demanded.
"Whatever, dude." Rolling his eyes Puck flopped less than gracefully back onto the couch.
"Can't do a rematch unless you sit down."
Finn gave Puck a look but didn’t say anything, just set down next to the shorter boy, his long legs stretched out in front of him. "Just start the game."
"Sore loser."
"You're one to talk."
"I never lose so I don’t know what you're talking about."
"I don’t."
"Dude, you've lost before."
"Not when we play one-on-one. I ALWAYS will. It's a fact."
Finn glanced at Puck. If he let himself he could pretend all the bad stuff never happened, that things were always this way. It all almost felt like it was normal again, like they had never had a falling out. Almost. He wasn’t quite there yet but…maybe with time.
"Just start the game, Puck."
"Whatever, dude. Just get ready to lose. Again."
"In your dreams, Puckerman. In your dreams."
"You know you just sat on the same spot you spilled the soda on, right?"
Finn looked back over at Puck.
He was smiling.
It was hard to tell if he was just trying to distract him or not. And then he felt wet. "Dude, why didn’t you remind me?"
"I'm not your mother. Remember stuff for yourself." Puck turned his head to look at him.
"Ready to lose again? Because Puckasaurus is gonna whoop you."
"Bring it on, Puckerman. Bring it on."
Yeah, almost back to normal.

Icons for 'Time Warp'

Cast/Characters wearing blue

Baby gleeks and who they will become

Light colored icons
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