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Draco/Hermione- Foolish- Chapter 4

Title: Foolish- Chapter 4
Author: blacksouledbutterfly (me)
Rating: Mature
Pairings: Draco/Hermione
Summary: I always knew you would be the one to make me cry....

4- Draco
I own my own business now and it is legitimate, but you would never believe that.

All the time I've known you, even when we were together, you acted as though everything I told you was one big lie.

And maybe some were; sugar coated acid to eat away the happiness in your mind; needles in fabric; thorns on a rose.

To prick you.

To make you bleed.



I doesn't matter now what the truth is. You have probably forgotten it.

No, not forgotten. Misplaced.

Nothing in the human mind is ever forgotten. At least that was what my mother told me and she was a smart woman.

She told me that everything that ever happens to a human, muggle or wizard, they remember. If it hurts or we are ashamed of it we push it aside and temporarily forget it is there, but it is always there.

We forget nothing in reality.

I remember once you told me that you wanted your life to be real, not some illusion; a game; a distorted image meant to wrap itself around you like a cloud of deceit.

How's this for real?

When we're not together I feel alone; empty; silently broken.

I used to hurt you all the time.

I would say things before I thought about it and rip your heart out and you didn't know this, but it killed me to hurt you.

I felt like my heart was being shredded.

But you never knew that, did you?

One of my workers comes in while I am in thought and I want him to go away so I can think again, but Travis is a nice person, and he is one of the few people who I feel is really a friend so I let him stay.

"I came back from the ministry," he tells me.

I wave my hand at him as I write; the sound of the quill driving me slowly insane. "So?"

"I saw an old classmate of yours."


"Her name is Hermione Granger."

My head snaps up at your name, but I keep my face blank. "She works at the ministry?" I ask, keeping my voice as bland as possible.

Travis nods. "Too right she does. She is one of their best workers as a matter of fact. Nice person, she is. Beautiful smile."

I blink and look back at the papers in front of me but the words are blurring. "She had a nice smile in school."

"She's incredibly smart as well."

"She was Head Girl."

"And her daughter is beautiful."

"I'm sure she-"

I stop and look at him. "Daughter?"

"That's right. A beautiful blond girl named Danica."

"Oh." I swallow hard. "How old is she?"

Travis looks in thought for a bit. "I'd say about two years old." He nods. "Yeah, that seems about right."

I simply nod. "Well, Travis, as much as I would love to talk all day I have papers to sign."

"All right, mate. See you later then."

As he leaves I sit there, silent and my head spins.

Hermione; daughter; blond; daughter; two; daughter.

I wonder who's child it is.
Tags: draco, draco/hermione, foolish, hermione, hermione/draco
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