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Big Bang for fandomverse

All under the cut.

Warning. All stories written using Dragon, a voice activated typing system as my keyboard is broken. Any strange sentences are the result of using this program for the first time and I apologize for not catching them.

Beginning- The Walking Dead, Episode 1x01

Epic- Glee, Episode 2x18

Only You- Glee, Rachel/Puck (Puckleberry)

Dressed Up- Glee, 2x05 & 2x11

Funny- Inception

Artist's Choice- Glee, Rachel/Puck (Puckleberry)

End- The Walking Dead, 1x06

Habit- Glee, Puckleberry, 558 words
When you spent enough time with someone you picked up on their habits. You get used to them. Over time their habits become as familiar to you as your own. As time went on Puck got used to Rachel's idiosyncrasies.

He got used to her early morning wake up so she could exercise; he got used to her a inane ramblings about things like Barbra Streisand and musicals, things he honestly didn't care much about but he knew meant so much to her that he couldn't bear to stop her from talking about them. He got used to her drama and her insecurity that she tried to hide so strongly. He to is the way she brushed her teeth and the way she ate her food in little bits and pieces, eating certain parts first.

Puck had never thought he would be the type of person that would notice these things about someone. But the more time he spent with Rachel the more he noticed these little things about her. Like how she had a habit of snoring very quietly like a mouse when she slept in a certain position or how when she was particularly nervous around him she would get this blank look in her eyes like her brain has shut down entirely.

He got used to the fact that she had to put on impromptu shows in their living room, that she would make him pull out his guitar and start playing so she could sing songs from Broadway plays than from movies and that her favorite singers had done. He got used to the fact that when she had a particularly bad nightmare she had the nasty habit of kicking him in the shin. He got used to knowing what it was that he could do to make her cry and how we can make her smile. He came to understand everything that he never thought he would about another person.

Puck and never been the most observer when he came to what women acted like. It wasn't as though he was stupid, he had just never made the time. But with Rachel was different. He got to the point where he knew when she was about to go into one of her rambling sessions and he knew when she was about to berate him just because of the look on her face. He got used to her calling him by his first name when no one else did except his mother. He got used the fact that she had to watch specific movies once a month because they meant so much to her when she was a kid. He even got used to the fact that when she was sad she got thirsty even though he thought it was quite strange.

All these little things that she did had become like his own habits. They had become such a part of his life that it was astonishing to him. But at the same time it was a comfort because knowing her so well meant that he had a connection with her but he never had anyone else. And since it was Rachel he didn't exactly want to change that. If it was Rachel whose habits he had grown accustomed to then he thought of being accustomed to such things could be pretty cool.

Breaking Point- Glee, Puckleberry, 576 words
Rachel put up with a lot of things from Noah. She to put up with his cocky attitude and his devil may care nature. She could put up with his flirtatious attitude and the way he would look at other women. As long as she knew he was coming home with her it didn't bother her. Looking wasn't cheating and neither was casual flirtation and he was very good at. Even before they were together he would flirt with her at least casually and that was part of what made Noah who he was.

Yes, sometimes it made her insecure. Sometimes she wondered if he looked at the other women because he preferred them to her or if he flirted with them because he wanted to be with them in some way. It was a natural thing think. She didn't think any woman in the world wouldn't feel insecure it the man they were with flirted with other women or looked at them as though he saw something miraculous inside of them. But she could put up with that. She could put up with a wandering eye and a smart, slick tongue without being so upset that she wanted to scream.

But Rachel had a certain point that she would get to where enough is enough. She had boundaries we came to what she was okay with. He could look anything flirt all he wanted. He could joke around with people they both knew, make sexual innuendo but that was all he could do.

If things ever went beyond that that she wouldn't have been okay with it. She had a look but don't touch policy when it came to other women. She couldn't stop him from fantasizing if he wanted to, it wasn't as though she was in control of his mind but as long as she didn't know he was fantasizing about another woman he had seen that it wouldn't hurt her. As long as he kept that to himself that she didn't think there was a problem. No touching, no kissing, and definitely no sleeping with other women. She didn't think those were hard rules.

But there were times when they were so tough on each other that she knew eventually things will go wrong. And it happened several times. It's natural, of course, for couples to fight. They go at each other's throats and then they get over it. But the problem was that this time was different. Every other time Noah would sleep on the couch for a night or two and then everything will be fine. But forget why they were mad at each other or whoever had done something wrong would apologize and everything will go back to the way it was.

This time was different though. This time there was no apology, there was no making up. There was only the bitter sting of the trail when she saw him kissing someone else. And of all things she could put up with that wasn't one of them. And that's why when he came home that night and saw her crying on the living room couch he knew that she knew. Seeing him do something like that had been the straw that broke the camels back and she gave him an ultimatum – either it was only her or he didn't have her at all.

Even though he chose her she couldn't help but wonder how long that will last.

Favorite Moment- Glee, 2x19

Family– Glee, Puckleberry, 775 words
Neither of them had had the ideal family. he didn’t have a father so it was just him and his mother and his little sister. She never had a mother and was raised by her two fathers. She was an only child and when she finally met her mother she really wanted very little to do with her because she wasn't a baby anymore. Her mother had wanted to have the experience she hadn't gotten a chance to have. She wanted her to be this little girl still who would still need her. But Rachel wasn't a little girl anymore.

Sometimes Rachel like something that it was because of the way she was brought up that made her want to be a mother. She didn't want it until after her career had already taken off but she knew that one day she wanted to be a mother. She wanted to be able to love a child as much is her fathers had loved her. But what she did want, more than anything, was the abilities to have her child have both a mother and father. Now, it wasn't that she didn't think her life was good with her dads. She did. She had a wonderful life but she thought that sometimes children needed a mom and a dad and that's why she never wanted to have a child unless she knew she was going to be with their father indefinitely.

It wasn't the same for him. Puck had never actually considered being a father even though technically he already was. Yes, when they were in high school and he had knocked up the head cheerleader he wanted to take the baby and raise it but that was because he was enamored with the cheerleader and wanted them to be together. But he hadn't actually stopped to think about what it would mean to be dad. He didn't have the dad of his own to look up to, to teach him how to be a good parent. All he had was his mother and while she did the best that she could she wasn't a father. Only a dad can teach you how to be a dad or how not to be a dad but without a real father is hard to learn.

It wasn't until he was out of high school that he realized it would've been that easy raising his baby. Not only would it have been expensive it would have been emotionally taxing and he wasn't ready to do that. But the more he thought about it the more he wasn't sure if he would ever be ready to. He wasn't sure if he would be able to give the child the attention and affection that it deserved. He wasn't sure he knew how to be a parent. So he hadn't really considered having any children.

It was the source of more than a few disagreements between the two of them. Puck didn't really want children and Rachel did and sometimes each of them resented the other one side. Puck didn't want to be forced and fatherhood and Rachel didn't want to be deprived of the chance to be a mother but the problem was that they really did love each other. They love each other and they didn't want to separate over this so eventually Rachel stop bringing up. Puck was sure that she hadn't given him but she wasn't talking about it.

It went on like that for months and months and months of her not even bringing up something she had been so adamant about wanting. She acted like all the sudden that desire went away when he didn't think that was possible that he was thankful that she wasn't bothering him about it anymore. So they went about their normal life without the stress of arguing over whether or not to have children into one day when they were sitting at the kitchen table Rachel paused in eating her dinner, put your fork down, looked up at him and said, "you better get used to the idea being a dad."

And he had scoffed and asked her why it was so important for him to get used to it and she just smiled and told him that she was pregnant so you better get used to it fast.

Puck and never actually considered being a father, I never consider starting a family of his own but when he found out that he was going to be a father he thought that at least if he needed a good example Rachel had two dads for him to look up to.

Tears- Glee, Puckleberry, 510 words
If there was one thing that he hated it was to see her cry. Rachel was a very emotional person and he knew that the moment he got together with her but he didn't mean that he could handle seeing her so upset that she would break down crying. If she got emotional over something silly he would just laugh it off. If it was a movie over performance then he could just look at her and smiled a little and pretend that she was even crying. But when she was crying because she was upset it had gotten to the point where it felt like he was upset.

Puck and never exactly been an emotional type of guy. He wasn't the type to cry or to get overly excited about things. He got angry, yes, but he wasn't a crier and he wasn't exactly someone who let people know when he was upset. But with the Rachel it was different. With Rachel he knew it was okay to let her know that he was upset and would upset him the most was when she was upset.

There would be times when someone would say something so horrible to her that she would be sitting on the couch when he came home and she'd be hysterical crying. And when that happened his chest felt tight and he felt like he wanted cry himself even though he never did because he knew that would just make her cry more. But there was something about her sitting there in tears that always got to him. He made him anxious and angry in her for her.

The problem with that though was that every time something made her cry he wanted to do something about it. If a person was the cause he wanted to go beat the crap out of them and Rachel always had to stop him. She would have to tell him it was going to be all right and that it wasn't worth it and he would argue that no one got away with making her cry. And she was sort of laugh it off just so that he wouldn't know how much she was hurting inside. But he always knew. She wasn't very good at hiding that from him.

So it had gotten to the point she tried not to cry around him. It wasn't that she didn't want him to know when she was upset but that she didn't want him to do anything stupid. So when she had to cry she would doing he wasn't home or do it when she knew he wasn't going to be paying attention. She would go into another room and let out her tears and as soon as they were done she would clean yourself up and come back out by him. For a long time she thought that he didn't know that's what she was doing. She thought she hid all of her tears quite well.

He never told her he always knew when she went off to cry.

Trust- Glee, Puckleberry, 607 words
Puck had to earn her trust. It was no secret that he wasn't exactly what people considered the ideal guy. He liked to flirt with almost anything that walks in had a pretty bad reputation when he came to his sexual prowess. When they were in high school together he had either dated or hooked up with almost every single girl in the glee club and other girls but obviously Rachel were no known about. So when he actually wanted to be with her, honest to God be with her, he really had to gain her trust.

She wasn't about to be just another notch in his bedposts. She didn't want to be some girl he messed around with for a little bit and then wrote off like she was nothing. If they were going to date than they were going today and he was going to have to be loyal to her. He had approved the he wanted her and not anyone else. And he was a tall order prints take because it was very difficult to stop her from being insecure.

Sometimes she would think that he was flirting with somebody when he was just being friendly. Sometimes if he was out later that she thought he was going to be she would assume that he was cheating on her. Sometimes the level of distrust that she had for him and their relationship cause a lot of strain on the two of them. It made him wonder why he even bothered, made him wonder if it was worth it all. But every time he thought about that the thoughts only lasted for a short period of time because the truth was that it was worth it. He bothered because he wanted to be with her and no one else.

And Rachel knew that he was trying really hard. She knew that he was doing what ever he could to keep her trust, to make sure she knew that he wasn't trying to mess things up. He wasn't sleeping around and he wasn't out only because he was with all sorts of women. Rachel Berry was enough of a woman for him. This little diva of a woman half his size with enough drama for twenty people was the girl that he wanted.

And yes, some people will look at Rachel and say she wasn't as pretty as the girls that he used to date. But to him she was. She was pretty and a different kind of way. She had this type of pretty that you didn't notice the very second he looked at her. You had to wait a little while, let her sink into your system and then you could see just how great she really was. She was prone to strangely insane moments of jealousy and tended to be upset if anyone else got more attention than her and not just in the relationship aspect but she was pretty and she was smart and she was sweet underneath it all. Not to mention she was one hell of a talent.

Sometimes it was really hard for him to prove to her that she could trust him. Sometimes it felt like no matter what he did she would never believe that he was there because he wanted to be. But he figured that he can keep on trying for as long as he needed to as long as they can stay together the whole time. Because if there's anything he knew it was that he wanted to be with Rachel Berry.

It didn't matter how un-trusting she was. He could deal with that.

Changes- Glee, Puckleberry, 619 words
When they got together both of them had to change certain things about themselves. Puck had to learn not to flirt with every woman that came across his path. He had to learn that Rachel Berry was an admittedly high maintenance girl, that she needed to know that he was only looking at her, that he didn't want anyone else that happened by him. He had to learn how to keep and he thought he might have about how another woman looked off of his face because of she saw the attraction on it she would get huffy and storm out and he would have to chase after her.

The Rachel had to learn to change things to. It wasn't as though he was the only thing that needed to be altered. She had to learn that the whole world was in revolving around her. She'd understand that they were living in a world that Rachel Berry ruled. Yes, heat adored her and yes, he thought she was extremely talented but that didn't mean that she made all the rules. It also didn't mean that she was the center of the universe.

The problem was that they both had these tendencies ingrained and deep in their nature and changing him wasn't easy. The first couple of months every time a woman walked by him he had to look at them and when he looked at them it was always this specific type of look. Is was the type of look that lets the other people around you know they are checking them out and every time he would do that Rachel but pursed her lips and her eyes and flashed with anger and she'd kick him hard in the shin.

And every time that Rachel decided to have an overly dramatic moment where she was upset because not everyone was giving her the attention she thought she deserved he would give her this look, this look that said that he wanders stop talking because she was being ridiculous and she would give him an annoyed look and storm out of the room and then ten minutes later they would be fine again. But they both had to work really hard to change those little parts of their nature. Because they knew if they didn't then their relationship never would work. They knew that insecurities and flirtation were two of the quickest ways for people to stop seeing each other.

Puck had to understand that Rachel was a lot more insecure than she would ever let on. For all her bravado there was something very fragile inside of her, something veering in need of affection that he needed to nourish and cherish. And she had to understand that just because he looked at someone else didn't mean he wanted to run off and sleep with. She had to learn that it was okay for him to look at other women as long as it was a look and don't touch sort of thing. She had to learn that just because you look at someone else it didn't mean he didn't think she was beautiful and that he didn't want her.

It was hard for either them to change their nature. It was hard for them to come to terms with their own faults but they knew that their relationship was more important than their silly little issues. So, they both decided to suck it up and see what they could do.

Because you didn't find someone who already knew all of your faults and like it anyway very often so it little things needed to be changed they were both willing to put the work into it that was needed.

Water- Glee, Puckleberry, 552 words
Their daughter was afraid of water. Not the bathtub kind the pool and lakes in the ocean. They didn't realize it until she was four and they brought her to the shore and when they brought her to close to the water she started to scream and cry. Puck had to pick her up and carried her the rest of the way down the beach. The only way she would even go in the water is if he had her on his shoulders. And if he seemed like he was going to put her down the crying and the screaming would start up again.

Rachel did what she could to try to fix it. She tried enrolling her in swimming classes but can never get her to go in the pool. She tried teaching her to swim herself, try using one of those little kids tools that you can put up and take down in the same afternoon but their daughter which is a look at the pool like she was waiting for her to bite her. Neither of them could quite understand why she was so scared but they also knew that if they push her too hard it would hurt her more than it would help her.

The silly thing was they couldn't even go to aquariums. She was fine around the completely enclosed tanks but by the time they got to the habitats for the whales were the seals were the penguins and there was a great pool of water that wasn't completely surrounded by glass she was start to cry. Puck would be holding her and she would turn her head and buried her face against his neck and beg him, beg him, beg him to take her away from there. And it wasn't because she didn't like the animals either. She had stuffed animals in her room of penguins and seals and whales. She just couldn't be close to their habitats.

Sometimes Rachel would worry that she would never grow out of it. She would never be able to be one of those girls who went to a pool with her friends or went to a lake. She would have to miss out on so very many things she can get over her fear. She was worried that her daughter would get a stigma. Because they both knew how cruel kids could be and if they found out about her having a fear of water odds were that they would torment her for it. So any time they were near water and their daughter would freak out that night when they were in bad and their daughter had been tucked in already Rachel would sit there and she won her bottom lip until it was red. Puck would have to make her stop, tell her that she was worrying for nothing. He would have to remind her that she was just a child.

Puck didn't worry about her not getting over her fear. Sure, he would've liked it if she was already okay. He would've liked it if she was able to go into pools or into the ocean without screaming like someone had just stabbed her that he knew that she would grow out of in time.

He just never could quite convinced Rachel of that.
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