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Lost- The Musical- for lost_land


I Live In You- Kate
(to Jack)
When I look around
Every time I try
To keep it down inside
You, you never look away
You hold onto my darkness
You thrive within my light

And though the dark is burning
And though I can barely make it through
All that’s left to do
Is close my eyes and you

You hold me up
You give me love
You show me everything will be alright
And no matter what I've done its alright

You, you let me run away
But you always pull me back
You hold me in your heart
It happened at the start
I live in you

Take A Look At Me Now- Claire
(to dead!Charlie)
Take a look at me now
Take a look in my eyes
Take a moment to see
What I try to disguise

The sky is turning gray
I try to say goodbye
Curl my toes into the sand
And pretend it's not the end

Take a look a me now
Take a look at what's left
Take a look at what you left behind
Take a look at how hard I cry

Take a look at me now
Take a look at my heart
Take a look at how it's torn apart
Take a look at me now
Take a look at me now

Too Late- Ben
(to dead!Alex)
I thought I had more time
I thought I had control
I thought I knew the ending
Even before the story started to unfold

I thought I knew it all
I thought I was strong
I thought I could keep everything from falling apart
But it was falling apart all along

And you, you were the light
And you, you were my life

Too late now
Too late now
Too late to say I'm sorry

Too late now
Too late now
Too late to say I cared

Too late now
Too late now
The light has gone

Too late now
Too late now
Just gotta pretend
To be strong

When The Lights Go Out- Charlie
(to Claire as he's dying)
Made a lot of mistakes in my time
Never thought I'd find something good in my life
Accepted the way life was for me
And never thought I could make it end differently

Never even tried to change
Even though I knew I should
Never thought I had it in me
Never thought I could

You gave me a reason to change my life
You gave me a reason to put up a fight
You gave me something to life for
You gave me something to care about

And now I see your face
And now I see your face
And now I see your face
When the lights go out

This Prison- Juliet
(to Rachel)
Looking at the sky
Wondering if you're looking up at it, too
I made a choice and now I wish
I could take it all back and come back to you

Can't find my way home
No matter how hard I try
Kept inside a cage without bars
Learning how to say goodbye

This prison has no walls
This prison has only sky
I can't go home no matter how hard I try

This prison has no release
This prison has no bars
I can't get myself free no matter how hard I try

I just wanna go home

You Are- Desmond
(about Penny)
I was lost
I was losing my mind
I thought everything was falling apart
And the truth was hard to find

I was lost
I had forgotten how to breathe
I thought I was destined to fall apart
And the past wouldn’t let me be

You are the string that guides me home
You are my shelter from the storm
You are the strength that keeps me moving
You are the air that I breathe

You are the beating of my heart
You are the light shinning through the dark
You are the only thing that’s real
You are everything, everything to me

You Belong To Me- Ben
(to Juliet)
I looked for you
For longer than I can say
Tried to find in someone
Everything you held so easily

You are the one
I've been searching for
And no matter what you say or do
I'm never letting go of you

No, you can't leave
You can try to fight it
You can try to deny it

No, I won't let you go
You belong here and here you'll stay
I'll never let you get away
You belong to me

You belong to me

Let's Have Fun Tonight- Sawyer
(to Kate)
Hey girl, lets have a little fun
Ain't no where for us to go
Ain't no where to run

Hey girl, let's play a little game
I'm deep in you
You're deep in me

Hey girl, no need to be shy
We can do whatever we want
No need to worry about shame

Let's have a little fun tonight
Let's have a little fun tonight
No need to be shy
No need to deny
That you want me as much as I want you

Let's have fun tonight
Let's have fun tonight
Roll around
Muss up your hair
Make noise if you dare

Let's have fun tonight
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