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Harper's Island Couples Picspasm

Now, I'd like to start by saying that there is no particular order to these. I didn't put them up in order of who I like best/most out of them. The order is incidental. Some are canon, some aren't. Just be warned.

1. Beth Barrington & Danny Brooks

Okay, so there were never really any seasons that screamed out ‘love’ between the two of them. (And yes, I’m aware that in canon she and Malcolm had developed small crushes on each other.) But I have watched this show many times and looking at them I think they would have been a lovely couple. Beth is pretty, Danny is handsome; Beth is sweet and fun and so is Danny; Beth spends a lot of time around Danny and Sully when everything goes chaotic and when Wellington is killed in the church its DANNY that comforts her. Had they survived this crime I’m positive they would have made a lovely couple.

2. Trish Wellington & Henry Dunn

Yes, I’m aware that Henry basically just used her in the end. And yes, I am very aware that Henry killed her but that’s besides the point. At the beginning you all have to admit that you loved them, you rooted for them. They were a couple you believed in and cared about and you wanted them to survive this crime. And let’s not forget that Henry DID care for Trish as is evident by the fact that killing her proved to be difficult for him. Was it a perfect relationship? Of course not. Was it always destined for failure? Most definitely. But the ride was a beautiful one.

3. Kelly Seaver & J.D. Dunn

Ah, where do I begin? The depths of my love for this tragic and all too shortly lived pairing is almost insane. Kelly was this beautifully broken person (damaged by her mother’s death, the fact that she DID see Wakefield and everyone thought she was nuts and the abuse from her ex-boyfriend) and J.D. was this amazing intuitive, dark person who made an instant connection with her. I personally think that they would have been rather good for each other because they understood each other’s darkness but saw SOMETHING in each other that drew them together like moths to a flame. I think that in their own ways they would have healed each other just enough to be a functioning couple.

4. Trish Wellington & Christopher Sullivan

Okay, so I know some of you are probably very WTF right now but hear me out. Trish was a very fun loving, sweet, pretty woman; Sully was a fun loving, good looking man. He flirted with her constantly even though she never gave in. Or did she? It was said in a deleted scene that he hooked up with over half of the women at that wedding. How do we know that they never did SOMETHING and decided to lie to Henry about it so that they wouldn’t hurt him or lose him? And besides that I think they would have made a gorgeous couple. Plus, could you REALLY see Trish taking Sully flirting with other women? She’d kick his butt into shape something fierce.

5. Chloe Carter & Cal Vandeusen

I know, I know. Its such a cliché to like them, isn’t it? But to be honest, at the beginning I totally and completely hated them. I wasn’t sure WHY (and I’m still not) but I just didn’t give a damn about either of them as characters or as a couple. But as the show went on and they developed more and their love became more aware and obvious I started to believe in them and care. They complimented each other in the best ways, brought out the best in each other. They lived in love and died in it. They ended up being a truly beautiful couple.

6. Shea Allen & Christopher Sullivan

I know. This is another total WTF pairing to most people. I have to admit that I didn’t ship them until AFTER the show ended although I found the whole scene with Sully sending Shea and Madison off of the island very sweet. At first I would have been more of a Shea/Danny shipper but eventually I realized that Danny and her probably wouldn’t have worked out, that he may have been good with Madison just before he died but that’s not a basis for a relationship. I think the Sully we saw towards the end- the braver, less selfish version who was determined to start letting people in- would have done well with Shea had they both lived. And besides, just as with Trish/Sully they would make a gorgeous couple.

7. Abby Mills & Jimmy Mance

What can I say? I’m a sucker for old flames getting back together, first loves and all that jazz. There’s something sappily romantic about the whole thing, something that I can’t help but love and be drawn to. Jimmy never stopped loving Abby despite being mad at her for leaving and never contacting him again; Abby still loved Jimmy despite the fact that she tried to stop. When everything got chaotic he would have laid down his life for her and vise versa; when he ‘died’ she was completely devastated. They had a storybook romance set in a murderous world. I always though the two of them would survive and I was pleasantly surprised when they did. They may have lost all the other people they cared about but in the end they had each other and what more could they have asked for given the situation they were in?

8. Chloe Carter & Christopher Sullivan

Now, don’t get me wrong. I still adore Chloe/Cal but there’s something I adore about these two together. They’re both flirtatious and fun; they’re both attractive. I think they could have made a very interesting dynamic as a couple. Would they have stayed together? Probably not. I think perhaps they would have each gotten bored eventually with the other one constantly flirting with others but while they were together they would have been one hot couple- and a fun one to be around.

9. Abby Mills & Henry Dunn

Now normally I wouldn’t be even remotely into pairing siblings as incest isn’t only just a big taboo but highly illegal. But there’s something about the two of them that makes me overlook that. True, Henry was obviously insane and went about being with her the wrong way (note to everyone out there: killing everyone the love of your life cares about is NOT the way to their heart) but they had a beautiful relationship until the reveal of them being related and that he was the killer. They cared deeply for each other and Henry’s love for her transcended their genetic bond. In truth I found them to be a very beautiful couple despite all the thing that were against them and had Henry planned differently and NOT revealed that he was her brother (or killed everyone) I think they could have been a very happy couple. In the world of ‘what if’ I can see them being very happy together.

10. Nikki Bolton & Shane Pierce

Part of the reason I might pair these two together COULD be that they’re two of my favorite characters (and I’m not ashamed to admit that may be part of it) but I see them being THE island couple that never was. Nikki is sassy and tough; Shane is sarcastic and tough. They’d be an interesting mix. Nikki wouldn’t take any of Shane’s shit and he would know that. You wouldn’t mess with Nikki’s man and you wouldn’t mess with Shane’s girl or you’d end up with your ass kicked. They would have been a dirty-sexy and dangerous couple that could have OWNED that island. I have to say they may just be my OTP that never was and I loved them both to death.
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