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Abby/Henry- He Thinks She Knows (But Maybe She Doesn't)

Title: He Thinks She Knows (But Maybe She Doesn't)
Fandom: Harper's Island
Rating: R
Word Count: 651
Ship(s)/Character(s): Abby Mills/Henry Dunn
Summary: The fear in her eyes is devastating; it’s a blade in the heart the same way his knife is in his father’s.
Notes: Mentions of violence and sex.

The fear in her eyes is devastating; it’s a blade in the heart the same way his knife is in his father’s. Realization makes her dark eyes shine and he knows then that his plan hadn’t gone off without a hitch. Her breath catches and she runs and the blade twists as he pulls her to the forest floor, the sound of her skull hitting the ground reverberating in his ears like someone shot off a canon next to his head.

She’s light to carry; she’s lighter than he imagined. Her hair tickles his arm; her breath warms his neck. He carries her to the home he made for them; the place where he left his heart for her as an offering, a gift he has longed to give her for so long and yet never found the right time to do so.

He wants to touch her; he wants to hold her body close to his and inhale her scent but that’s the one thing he would never do; he would never cross the line and touch her when her eyes are closed and her mind has checked out. His love for her makes him feel like he’s going to rip apart at the seams and if he were to violate her in any way he’d hate himself; he’d want to hack his fingers off at the knuckles to pay penance for such a trespass.

Instead he takes care of her. He checks her head for blood and he strips her down from her dirty clothes and tucks her into bed in her underwear; he returns to make sure that the rest of his plan can take affect. The match strikes and the building burns. The smell of flesh sizzling and turning black in the flames lingers on in his nose even while he’s dragging Jimmy through the woods and into the garage.

He wants to do horrible things to him; he wants to rip his fingernails out and cut out his tongue; he wants to burn off the pads of his fingers (the fingers that were allowed to touch Abby’s face and her hands and her body in ways he never was able to) and gouge out his eyes (the eyes that shone with the love that he himself felt for the slender girl asleep upstairs). He forces himself to keep those desires at bay; reminds himself that Jimmy has a purpose and if he acts too hastily then he’ll never be able to stay on this island that holds his heart with the girl who lives inside of it.

He waits patiently for her to wake up, his heart thumping inside his chest like a drummer gone mad. For the first time his palms feel clammy and he isn’t sure what he’s going to say. He’s known for so long what to say to whom but in this moment he can’t even begin to figure out how to let her know what is residing deep within his heart. He’s afraid of the truth and more afraid of a lie. He’s afraid of acceptance almost as much as he’s afraid of rejection.

And then she’s downstairs and he’s smiling and he’s trying to make her feel at home; his heart is pounding louder now and he’s sure she can hear it, he’s sure she can feel it pounding in her ears and taste the strength of his love on her tongue.

Why? her eyes seem to ask him. Why would you do this?

Doesn’t she know, he wonders? He would do anything to protect her from the world outside; anything to keep her there in his arms and his heart. He’d given up everything for her; for her smile and her laughter and the sound of her voice. He had to protect them from the very people who would rip them apart.

He had to protect her from herself.
Tags: abby mills, abby/henry, harper's island, henry dunn, henry/abby
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