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Abby/Sully- Summer Rain

Title: Summer Rain
Fandom: Harper's Island
Rating: PG
Word Count: 595
Ship(s)/Character(s): Abby Mills/Christopher "Sully" Sullivan
Summary: It started at midnight; it started in the dark.
Notes: Mentions of violence.

It started at midnight; it started in the dark.

I was fifteen; you were seventeen. Back before the world stopped making sense; back before my nights were filled with dreams of blood and carnage and every single word I uttered was a careful mask for the cracked shell that lie beneath.

It was the second summer you had come to the island to spend time with me best friend- your best friend- and the second summer you had taken it upon yourself to annoy me half to death.

Prove that you’re not afraid of me, you said. Go ahead. Prove it, Abner.

You knew I hated that nickname but you used it anyway. (You and Henry were always making up whatever annoying nickname for me you could; always manipulating my name to try to get to me and is always worked without a hitch.)

It was a joke, you knew it was. Henry had just told you that you intimidated me to get a laugh; Henry just told you that to see what you would do. But you disappointed him at first; you didn’t seem to care. You laughed and shrugged your shoulders and you went about your day.

But that night when the three of us gathered in the living room of the house Henry and his family rented every summer and Henry had long since fallen asleep (sneaking too many drinks always knocked him out back then) you finally addressed it, waiting until Henry wasn’t awake to enjoy it.

Go ahead, Abner, you said. Prove you’re not afraid of me. Unless Henry’s right. Unless you are.

You smiled. You laughed. Henry stirred. You froze. Henry settled again and you smiled again. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Just waiting.

How am I supposed to prove it? I asked

You’re a smart girl, Abner, you told me. I’m sure you can figure it out.

Henry rolled over where he lay on the floor. Your hand touched your hair. I could have sworn you were awkward suddenly but I must have been wrong. (I’d never seen you awkward before and it wouldn’t surprise me if you had never been that way in your life.)

Fine, I said. I’ll prove it, I said.

I kissed you then, on the living room floor with my best friend- your best friend- sleeping just a foot and a half away; I kissed you then with the thick summer rain beating on the awnings and the waves crashing against the rocks down at the shore.

I never told Henry and neither did you and when I went to the city of lights and beautiful people you were the only one besides him I wrote. (But we never told and he never knew and if he had he wouldn’t have thought my talking to him was special; if he knew he wouldn’t have understood why.)

I kissed you then, warm lips and soft cheek beneath my palm; I thought of you then when Henry kneeled before me and proclaimed his love before he landed in the waves there at the shore.

I kissed you then, warm lips and soft cheek beneath my palm. Now I kiss the cold stone before where your body lays, your name etched there for all to see; your name etched on my heart for no one but me.

Did it hurt when the blade entered your skin?

Did you think of Trish?

Did you think of Chloe?

Did you think of me?

I kiss the cold stone before where you lay and close my eyes in the summer rain.
Tags: abby mills, abby/sully, christopher "sully" sullivan, harper's island, sully/abby
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