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Abby/Henry- Bitten Tongues

Title: Bitten Tongues
Fandom: Harper's Island
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 612
Ship(s)/Character(s): Abby Mills/Henry Dunn
Summary: So many times he wanted to tell her about what he felt inside of him for her for what seemed to be forever.
Notes: Mentions of violence.

So many times he wanted to tell her about what he felt inside of him for her for what seemed to be forever. (He had bitten his tongue since he was a child and had tried to pretend that it was just a tiny little crush but he knew all along that it was love, even when his world led him to other places and other women.)

It was a cliché to say that he fell in love with his best friend but clichés appear in the real world every day; clichés come to be clichés because they are based in things that actually happened. (And who cares if it was a cliché? Love is love and it’s pure in all its forms.)

Blood for him really was thicker than water; the desire to hold and be held by someone who held genes so similar to his real enough to taste, real enough that if he were to reach out and try to touch it his fingers could be bitten off. (Love transcends all boundaries and all morals; love takes whatever course it deems fit despite how humans feel about it.)

He would do whatever it took to have her in his arms, buried deep within his heart. It was worth the training and the blood in the rain; it was worth the dedication and the lies; it was worth becoming an actor to all who knew him. (His friends, his family, his world became a movie playing out before him; the actors were disposable, the stage changeable. His own father the perfect catalyst for his ultimate awakening.)

He embraced his darkness, swam in the chaos; he reveled in the freedom. He would smile and laugh and play the part. (He really deserved an award for his performance; acknowledgement for his careful planning, an intricate system he set up and set into motion like the falling of dominoes.)

He slept to dream of her warm embrace; he slept to dream of her kiss and her touch and for her to utter the three words he had wanted to say to her for as long as he could remember; he slept to dream of a perfect world of perfect happiness where the two of them were the only ones who existed, the world he thought was meant to be but got stopped along the way.

Her name was carved on his heart; her face always in his line of vision whether or not she were actually there. His very being revolved around her existence; his happiness dependant on her presence. And he had no doubt she would appear where he needed her to be; didn’t doubt for a moment that her heart called to his the way his called to hers.

Everything he needed lied in her hands. (If she were to turn away he would surely perish, his entire body dying from the lack of affection; his heart withering away into a husk of nothingness and crumbling into fine dust particles to scatter in the wind.)

Her smile when she steps onto the boat, her arms around him reassure him that his plan would go without a hitch.

I knew you’d come, he tells her. (He bites down on his tongue and tastes blood, making himself promise not to let her know how much he needed her in his arms; he refuses to let her know that all he is and all he could ever be, all he could ever want resides deep within her.)

She holds his world in her slender fingers.

She can either cradle his heart or crush it.

He knows she will cradle it as he cradles hers.
Tags: abby mills, abby/henry, harper's island, henry dunn, henry/abby
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