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Abby/Jimmy- The Compass Of The Heart

Title: The Compass Of The Heart
Author: butterflys_fics
Claim: Harper's Island (General)
Table: Buffet
Prompt: 12. Guardian
Rating: PG-13
Summary: His heart was a steady navigator even through the most dastardly of storms...
Warnings: None.

His heart was a steady navigator even through the most dastardly of storms but the only problem with such a reliable compass was that it would often stick and instead of leading you to where you should go it leads you to where you want to go and over the years it had been stuck in her direction. No twist of fate, no soft touch or the kiss of any other woman could change the course of his heart from finding her through the mists of time and across the great divide she had put between them, both emotionally and physically.

Each and every time he tried to make the needle budge it would flat-out rebel against him and spin round and round only to land right back in the exact same spot. He was her greatest constant; he was her greatest pain. No logical words spoken by friends and neighbors could change the way his heart would beat faster just at the mere mention of her name and even if he had never seen her again, even if the years just spiraled on and on and they both moved on with their lives and married and developed their own little family clans in separate regions of their little world his heart would always beat for her, as though she had cut open his chest and carved her name into the fleshy part of his heart so she would own it forever. No one could remove her mark on him and after some time he stopped trying to make it go away.

She held that beating mass of muscles and blood in the palm of her hands. When she left it was clenched so tightly he thought for sure it would stop; when she returned it began to beat steadily enough again for him to feel like he could breathe again and that life that had all but frozen with her retreating figure had begun once more. She was the guardian of all that he was and ever could be and he was the one more than willing to hand that job over to her, like someone handing a thief a key to their home, allowing them to do whatever they will. He would allow himself to fall into disorder and chaos just to hear her smile and say his name. And when she does that mass of muscle soars and breaks all over again like he’s still that teenage boy who knew she was his first love and would be his last love.

Time could pull Abby out of his life but it could never pull her out of heart.

And distance, well, distance wouldn’t keep his heart from soaring above the clouds and to her in is dreams.
Tags: abby mills, abby/jimmy, fc_smorgasbord, harper's island, jimmy mance, jimmy/abby
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