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Rose/Scorpius- The Unexpected Baby Chapter Index

Title: The Unexpected Baby
Author: blacksouledbutterfly (me)
Rating: Mature
Pairings: Rose/Scorpius
Summary: "I'm pregnant Malfoy."
"Well, good for you. Can't say this isn't a bit of a shock and all, but why is it you're telling me of all people?"
"Because you're the father."
"Not possible."
"Oh, I wish I could say you're right. But....well....there is actually a funny story behind all of this."

Lovely banner made by LilyEvansPotter15 @ The Dark Arts

The Unexpected Baby

A/N: Also posted on HPFF.com.

Prologue: Revelations For One
Chapter 1: Revelations Of Accidental Reproduction
Chapter 2: Games And Flirtation Situations
Chapter 3: Conditions and Annoyances
Chapter 4: Of Prats And Kept Secrets
Chapter 5: Truth Without Freedom

This story is not yet complete.
Tags: rose, rose/scorpius, scorpius, scorpius/rose, the unexpected baby
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