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New Prompt Tables (Yes, I AM INSANE) for fc_smorgasbord

So, since I am completely and totally insane I made 2 new claims, tables here.

Harper's Island- General
1.One final look back 2.Through the fire 3.Forgotten roads 4.The life inside 5.Lights out
6.The hand of fate 7.The one no one sees 8.Letters from nowhere 9.Rough hands 10.Unheeded warning
11.There will always be a monster 12.Guardian 13.Counting years 14.Wandering spirit 15.Ghost of a rose
16.Dancing with the devil 17.Shallow grave 18.Frantic search 19.Ignored Instinct 20.Remember me
21.Portals of discovery 22.Lost and alone 23.The valley of echoes 24.Flashes of euphoria 25.The beginning of goodbye
26.Last time 27.For the child I will sing 28.Finality 29.A perfect rainbow in Hell. 30.Sunrise upon a soul
31.Twilight surrender 32.Jumbled truths 33.Path of a child 34.Beneath the blue 35.Freedom in chains
36.Tragic shadow 37.A tale rewritten 38.Promise me 39.Caught in the act 40.Nothing lost, nothing gained
41.Time keeps turning 42.A story never to tell 43.Edge of sanity 44.I offer no excuses 45.Watching the horizon
46.Whispers in the dark 47.One thousand promises 48.Wake up, the day is dying 49.Don't you dare 50.Death becomes you

Harry Potter- Rose/Scorpius
1.Blood 2.Outcast 3.Flood 4.Remember 5.Lust
6.Death 7.Dirty 8.Stole 9.Almost 10.Scars
11.Tragedy 12.Forbidden 13.Coward 14.Sweet tooth 15.Touched
16.Package 17.Cheater 18.Rejected 19.Drunk 20.Run
Tags: fc_smorgasbord, harper's island, harry potter, rose, rose/scorpius, scorpius, scorpius/rose
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