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Yazoo Drabble for drabbles100

Title: They Looked Beautiful
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Character(s): Yazoo, Kadaj and Loz (claim is Yazoo)
Challenge: 31. Sunrise
Words: 301
Rating: PG-13

#31- Sunrise
Loz and Kadaj looked beautiful in the light of the rising sun. Lying there with them, watching them sleep, they had never looked more beautiful. The light played off of their pale skin casting shadows on their pale skin. Loz had his arm thrown across Kadaj's waist, his hand brushing my side. Kadaj's hand was clamped down tightly on my hair, his pale fingers clutching me as strongly as he could.

I touched his hair, shoved it away from his face. He looked so innocent then. It was easy to forget he was just a child still, that he still had to learn so much, but he was beautiful and you could almost forget he was a child when he was around you.

Loz stirred first, his hand sliding off of my side. Kadaj must have felt him moving because his grip on my hair tightened and he shimmed closer to me, his face pressed against my chest.

Loz's eyes opened slowly. He saw me watching him, smiled slightly. "Mornin'."

Between us Kadaj groaned. Loz seemed to forget how loud he could be. "Morning," I whispered back. "You were restless again last night. Nightmares?"

"Don't think so. I really don't remember."

I smiled, grasping his hand from over our younger brother, curling my fingers around his. "You always have nightmares," I said. "You are always haunted."


Loz and I skipped our gaze down to Kadaj who's eyes were now wide open. His hand was still tangled in my hair. He turned slightly so he could look at both of us. "Let's....let's not go search for Mother today," he said quietly. "Let's just stay here together."

I glanced at Loz over his shoulder, smiled slightly at him and hugged my little brother close. "That sounds fine, Kadaj. That sounds just fine."
Tags: ac, advent children, drabble, drabbles100, ff, ff7, ffvii, final fantasy, yazoo
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