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Yazoo Drabble for drabbles100

Title: Lark
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Character(s): Yazoo
Challenge: 25. Strangers
Words: 288
Rating: PG-13

#25- Strangers
Children are told never to talk to strangers by their parents, but we weren't children, and we had no parents, only Mother and we didn't know where she was. Besides, once you met someone they weren't strangers anymore right?

Her name was Lark. Maybe that wasn't her real name, but that's what she called herself. I met her to get information, and went to see her because she made me feel alive.

She was beautiful, but human, and if Kadaj knew I was speaking to her as much as I was he would have never forgiven me.

She used to sit across from me, the two of us in an alley, her back pressed against the wall, her blonde hair so much darker in the shadows, and she would smile.

She told me she hated Shinra, her father had worked for them when she was younger and when he wanted to leave they killed him. "I have no family," she said. "They've all been taken away from me."

Her tears were my heart ache, her laughter musical, her smile was sunshine.

I would sneak away to see her whenever I could, hold her in my arms, kiss her in the dark, make love to her in her dingy little apartment.

A week before we were to head back to the Northern Crater to search for Shinra and Mother I told her she had to leave Midgar. I knew that no matter where she went when Mother came she would die, but I couldn't sit there and watch her die.

I thought if I had been a normal guy I would have stayed with her.

If I had been a normal man I would have given her my heart.
Tags: ac, advent children, drabble, drabbles100, ff, ff7, ffvii, final fantasy, yazoo
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