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Chuck/Blair- A First Time For Everything

Title: A First Time For Everything
Author: butterflys_fics
Rating: T/PG-13
Words: 156
fic_variations Prompt/Claim: Love & Hate, Time- Gossip Girl: Chuck Bass/Blair Waldorf
Spoilers: The entire show thus far.
Warnings: None
Author's Notes: None.

He hated to admit it, especially to himself, but he had fallen for her. He couldn’t quite figure out when he had fallen for her- or if he had always held a certain fascination with the girl and just hadn’t admitted it- but he hated to admit it, even to himself.

Falling for her, or anyone for that matter, was never in his game plan. He was Chuck Bass after all, and Chuck Bass didn’t fall in love. Yet, there he was, head over heels in love with his best friend’s recently ex-girlfriend. There he was committing one of the biggest betrayals friends can commit.

And although he wasn’t one for regrets or morals, he felt guilt pool in his stomach, cold and disturbing. Yet, he still wanted her, still felt drawn to her like a moth to a flame.

Hell, he couldn’t even be disgusted with himself for it. He was Chuck Bass after all.
Tags: blair waldorf, blair waldorf/chuck bass, blair/chuck, chuck bass, chuck bass/blair waldorf, chuck/blair, fic_variations, gossip girl
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