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Rude- An Over-Filled Mind

Title: An Over-Filled Mind
Fandom: FFVII
Claim: Rude
Characters Included: Rude, Tifa, mentions of Senna, Kaleb, Rory & Satoru (ffvii_tng)
Prompt: 95) New Year
Word Count: 108
Rating: G

I had excused myself from the festivities, slipping out onto the balcony and into the night. I had no desire to celebrate New Year’s Eve this year with the company as always. My mind was racing and I couldn’t seem to get it to stop.

Tifa came out shortly after me, leaning against my side. “What are you so worried about?”

“Senna’s engagement…Rory being pregnant. A great deal of things.”

“Kaleb loves Senna, Rude.”

“I know.”

“And Satoru loves Rory, and he’ll love that baby.”

“I know.”

“Then why are you so worried?”

“They’re still my little girls.”

She pressed her face against my arm, and she smiled.
Tags: drabbles100, rude
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